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When I was younger, my mother used to be a seamstress for David’s Bridal.  She would take my two older brothers and myself there to take care of us while she worked.  Call it the ultimate daycare, of course the manager on duty did not mind.  My brothers and I would run amok among the wedding dresses with our GI Joes while my mother would alter dresses for brides to be.  During summers when school was out, my brothers and I would be there for most of the day if we weren’t at karate (which was next door) and goof around.

The most scary event, was when my older brother Eric and I, brought the turn over pizza that my mother ordered into the store and … KER-PLOP!  We spilt tomato sauce … onto the floor, thank fully!  No one was there other than my mom, Eric, and myself, so we quickly cleaned up the mess and the turnover pizza.  Yes we believe in the 5 second rule.

Then when David’s Bridal, in that area, closed, my mother was able to take a ton of those dresses home and did alterations on the side.  For a little while.  Today, she does not do alterations anymore, but I carry on the wedding “business” as a photographer.

Some fun history.  🙂