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To Margot + Chris:

Today is probably the most auspicious day of your lives.  Today is your wedding day, 8.29.09., and of course it is pouring out right now.  I should know it is raining as I am blogging this entry!  I have known you two since high school and today you two have grown into wonderful adults full of potential waiting to burst out from its seams.  Although I could not be there to cover your wedding, I did cover your rehearsal dinner.   Just like how we discussed when we first planned this.  Past Entry

Well anyway, here are the photos! Man that spill I took yesterday was painful!  haha!  Painfully embarrassing!  I totally did not see that there was nothing behind me as I tried to lean back further to get some shots… and down I went!  ow!

She’s like a total ballerina!

mmm… red wine..

Whipping out the blackberry…


Have fun in Italy!  PS, I can fit in your luggage!  Take me with you!