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I sent a message to a member on Weddingbee, which concerned her wedding photography from a said photographer in STL.  And all the issues she is facing right now because the lack of professionalism.  Whether or not that photographer realizes it, but we, as in all the vendors that participate in creating these weddings, are really in this together.  The fact that she is having issues surrounding getting her proofs is disappointing and that her album, if things go the way the are going, will be ways off.

Why do some people choose to get into wedding photography?  Cause they have a decent setup and think they can do it?  Is it because they want to also participate in the celebration of life?  Is it because they love to capture people and their emotions?

There are probably many questions, profound or not, when asked about wedding photography.  Among them is why be a wedding photographer.

Today as a non – jaded wedding photographer, I can honestly say that it is earnestly about capturing the emotions people give off during celebrations.  But what will happen when I get to say 40 and shooting weddings?  Could I say the same thing?  I wonder what my life will look like when I am 40.  I sure don’t want to know.  Heck I don’t want to be 27 in 17 days!

I think it would be interesting to know why people choose to shoot wedding photography.  I am sure brides and grooms from all over hear all sorts of various answers.  But I guess I am not looking hard enough to read them all.