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Doug + Diana:

What an awesome couple! While they probably clicked as a couple, but it was just a smooooth, fun, hilarious, and overall great eSession with them! I shot their engagement on Saturday down in Baltimore. A little bit of a trek for me being up in Joisey, but hey, it’s alright! Doug and I were at first a little worried about the weather as the weather said it would rain. You know if there was one position that you can goof up and still keep your job, it is weather forecasting! While we did have overcast and a sprinkle.. the rest of the day was sporadic drizzles!

While Doug is also a photographer, he has hardly been on the other side. So with that said, I think Doug and Diana did amazingly well with the photography! Psst, Diana, being photographed is a fun thing! Embrace it! :] Don’t be shy! :] Also, Diana, your mother is so sweet! She is an awesome assistant!

Their wedding will encompass a “green” recycling theme. How rad is that? I will see you two in July!

Well here are some photographs from the session: {Doug, gimme your 135L!}


eSessioning in the little spots of green in Maryland.



Yep I approve of the bling here!

oh snap! It is getting hot in here!!

Total models. Don’t lie to yourselves!! You are both very model-esque!

They had to whip out their school shirts… I should have whipped out Rutgers and Princeton.. 😀

When I first saw Doug, I immediately thought of a seriously buff Dean Cain (SUPERMAN!!)

This was actually an interesting idea that Diana’s mom came up with. psst, Diana’s mom {name with-held}, please be my assistant sometime!

Rocking the ultimate bling!


eco wedding!



Thanks for an awesome time! Hope you enjoy!