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This one time I went into Best Buy to buy my first laptop.  I bought a Sony Vaio, for $400.  Then it met my fist.  Mistake.

I was in the Sistine Chapel and took a photo.  Another mistake.

I quickly booked a hotel stay in London when I didn’t have a place to stay without looking at other options.  Another mistake.  (course, afterwards I found out that all the other cheaper options were pretty far out..)

I goofed up on some poses for my boudoir sessions.  Another mistake.

What I am trying to get at, not to list my list of mistakes, but everyone makes a mistake.  Even professional photographers make mistakes too.  I was reading blogs, forum posts, and there ones that really got me thinking.  This one bride to be had this photographer, who she really liked, who had a possibly corrupt SD card losing the photographs.  Those kind of failures happen to everyone.  The said photographer told them, and requested a re do to make up for that situation.

It was not that the photographer had memory card issues, but it was the responses that raised my inquiry.  “A professional would never do that.”  Etc.  What they do not mention is that that happens, and can happen, to professionals too.  They need to mention that a professional does this, a.) have back up bodies and tons of extra memory cards to prevent further loss of photos and/or issues, b.) spot their mistake and c.) quickly rectify and learn from it.

There is really no point for “professional” photographers (or professionals of any field) to get on their horse and make holier than thou responses.  It’s one thing to say, “Well, he is growing to be a professional photographer, so this should be a lesson for him.  Insist that he carry back up bodies and cards to prevent any mishaps.  Please don’t have any hard feelings, as this can literally happen to any one of us photographers.  What differentiates, us, is our back up plan and capability to learn and fix it fast.”  And it is entirely another thing to say, “that would not happen to a ‘professional.’ Period.”  I mean come on!  Everyone makes mistakes, even with big things like weddings.  Why do you think we are in this real crappy economic mess, well aside from greed?  There were mistakes made!  What defines a professional is not just the quality of work (s)he presents, but also making mistakes and learning from them to do better the next time!

My real stickler was the tone of the responses made towards that situation, where the said photographer owned up and informed the client AND requested a redo of the engagement session with added goodies!  The said photographer looks to have learned his mistake, but yet those responses were still made in condemnation.

I donated my Sony Vaio to a charity who took it and repaired it for those who are in need.  And bought a macbook pro

I put my camera away whenever I am in a delicate place.

I learned new boudoir poses.

To the Uber Professionals:  How do you not make any mistake in your career from start to finish?  Please enlighten us lesser folk of your mistakeless ways.