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I am now … 27

I was told by one of my coworkers at work “Every year you get older, you get wiser by one year.”  So what have I learned thus far?  That I am really really, loving photography and wedding photography.  That I am not that bad as a wedding photographer, though there is still lots of room to learn!  The business end of photography is the real b—-, not the actual photography (relatively speaking) so learning business tips and methods is something new and sparkly to learn.  Thank goodness my brother is a business dude, he is slowly teaching me the ropes.  Every year new camera gear comes out and every year my tech love grows and must buy list increases (Canon 7D, 135L, 70-200 f2.8, 16-35 MK II, new macbook pro, etc.)

Now that I am 27, looking back, I had a fun couple years, photographing, traveling, and meeting people.  My brother and sister in law tells me I need to find a GF and settle down.  Still looking for affordable apartments near Princeton (I really want to set up shop there, or at least a base closer to Princeton.), I still have to do a month adventure, and other important soul searching things.  🙂

One thing is certain, my body sure does not heal or recover like it used to.  I guess I should start looking after myself, especially after that fall during Margot’s + Chris’s RD, pulling my shoulder at Lindsey’s + Frank’s wedding yesterday, … I am not so young to recover fast.

Maybe after all these years of searching, I found one of my passions and career pursuits!  Though the love of psychology is there, it is losing its career favor with photography taking its place.

Here is to a happy 27 and many many more years of photographing your awesome weddings and our lives!