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I remember my father’s obstacles and tribulations as he worked his ass off to be the best damn mechanical engineer.  Along the way, he had us, his four kids, a loving wife, and lots of lay offs.

My awesome dad. Sure he currently has “issues” to contend with, from before and after his devastating car accident, from high blood pressure to his brain injury.  He’s still my pops and I love him to bits.   Of course actually telling him that is a little different.  I guess I am not very openly expressive..

(My first watermark… pretty ghastly huge I know.)

My father’s path and the obstacles he had gone thru, is I guess, one of the implicit motivations to keep pursuing my career(s) no matter what.  Currently, Princeton Unversity will be conducting a large scale layoff of its employees to help further weather the economic storm.

Which is the reason for this blog entry.  I, and I am sure many individuals, would not like to hear that they got laid off.  I particularly like the place where I currently work, for my day job.  Enough for me to want to create my “base” for my photography business.  Why don’t I just take that oppurtunity to go full time?

Well because I like having a day job and photography on the side to cover two sides of a coin.

I know that I am going to have hiccups on my way, I already had some during my course of my photography pursuit, and god knows how many hiccups I had on my way towards my grad. school pursuit.