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Just like Margot and Chris, I inadvertently “walked” into Nicole through dgrin.com last November. She was posting a topic about shooting a wedding while pregnant, and the name and last name was so familiar! I met Nicole back in middle school and been friends since. Although kinda lost touch after high school, but the beauty of dgrin.com and facebook, we became friends.. again! 😀

And, cool enough her husband, Andy was also a high school friend too! {High School sweethearts. ❤ } Married and with a son, Liam. Liam is just so adorable! I really don’t see Nicole or Andy being able to say no to him now, or in the near future!

Well here are some photos from the session!

This little dude is a crawling machine! Set him down and ka-pwing he is off! Was really hard to keep up and frame him in the camera with his speediness!

Good thing Nicole was there to catch him!

Challenge! Can you say no to a face like that?

I hope you enjoy! Liam, you really are one cute baby!