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Since I am planning on a month journey (tentatively haha!) into Ireland I need to seriously think of storage again. The ipod touch and hyperdrive storage was light and portable, but I found myself at internet cafes or terminals a lot. Sending and reading emails on the ipod touch is not very fun, especially when typing paragraphs. It’s like pong the video game. Ponk ponk ponk. Very slow or maybe it is me. I am not a fast texter either and I spell out all my words.

I am looking at the Acer series of netbooks.  I won’t care about processing any photos as the thing might just fizz and poof from the heavy duty requirements.

I guess I had a netbook when I went to Ireland, but that was my friend Neil’s.   It was light and very manageable.  Just lacked hard drive space!  So … purchasing a netbook is on my list of gear to buy!