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I was talking with this nice young lady two days ago.  She randomly asked me how would I visualize my own wedding now that I have been to various weddings as a photographer. (or second)  At first, I was mentally saying, “whoa whoa! Hold the horses!  I am still single and I haven’t thought that far in advance yet!”  I thought to myself briefly that when I do get married, an inevitability, how would I have my own wedding?

Photographers/Photography will obviously be a huge thing for mine.  However!  I would only want the photographs that will be in the wedding album because those would then be great for mounting.  Of course the future missus might say otherwise.  Stylistically, someone who is akin to my and the future missus style of life.  Well anything that is informal.

DJ/Music.  Absolutely nothing that has been played in a club!  Seriously!  Play U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vienna Teng, Muse, anything that DJs aren’t forced to put onto the list!  Better yet, a swing or jazz band… if that was an affordable option.

Everything else?  I don’t know.  I guess I should end the single-dom before thinking about this as I kindly informed the young lady. 🙂