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About a couple days ago, I saw a status update from Junshien Lau that he would be coming to NYC to do an engagement session and I had to go and meet him in person finally! I have followed him since the Xanga days.  Well when I used to use Xanga, anyway.  It was really fun and photographically thought provoking.  In those three hours I learned a lot, while fulfilling my duties as an official bag guard!   Honestly, even though I have been photographing life, or at least my life and it’s quirks, I don’t think I would have thought about nor considered wedding photography if I haven’t stumbled upon his xanga blog.  Of course his history getting into weddings and photography is pretty rich, in itself, but his work was both stunning and refreshing!  Add in that he actually writes personalized entries, from political thoughts to simple ideals, his blogs were definitely not a sell sell sell business, not that he needs that kinda blog work for his business anyway.  So Saturday was really important for me, well also because I had a first date with the nice young lady I mentioned in a previous entry.

Cornel West's latest

On Monday, I will be meeting in person the man who helped shape my intellectual curiosity, albeit different fields.  I have been to seminars with this great man, philosopher, jazz man, but I have never been up in front of him to at least talk to him.  If you remember me meeting Vienna Teng in person for the first time and remember how nervous I was then, multiply that by a few thousand.  I have always wanted to sit in at least one class of his, for just a day at the least, but I did the authentic way of emailing him.  His secretary was so very kind in telling me that while he would be thrilled to let me, his classrooms are so packed that it be very difficult for me to “pop” in.  😦  A recent boudoir client of mine was actually a master’s student at Princeton University, and slyly told me to just stand in front of his classroom and no one would be the wiser!  Nice!

He will be having a book signing for his memoirs, pictured above.  (Note the photo does not belong to me.)  His story is really rich and I never took him for a person to get into fights nor a really fast runner!  Wow!  Reading the memoirs, and I really do not read memoirs, I am astounded at how gifted and rebellious the man was!  Which probably answers why he is so passionate and politely forceful when he speaks.  🙂  I can’t want to meet him in person.  I have read his works since I was a sophomore at Rutgers University.  And I think when I meet him in person, I am going to need a lot of deodorant from all the sweat! ha!