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Day 2

I woke up at 8 AM Italy time, back at home in NJ it would be 2:15 AM. I was still in the air and pretty sure we were an hour away from Italy. Breakfast was a croissant, yogurt, and juice. I know the airlines budget was, and still is, shrinking by the bucket daily, but this was breakfast?

But thankfully we arrived in Rome at around 9 AM and the worst part of flying came. Leaving the plane is the worst! Everyone wants to get out of the plane and being in the back of the plane made that even worse! Another reason why I prefer the aisle seat!

When we finally left, I was able to go to the bathroom! Marble everything! Whoa! I was also surprised that I didn’t have to declare where I was staying. Which I thought was odd. I thought every country asks you to declare where you will be staying, but the guard just stamped my passport and let me go. Nice! The next spot I needed to see was the bathroom where I needed to Christen the country with my kids.

After three layovers, the biggest question came. Did my checked in bag come with me? And lo and behold it did! Albeit a little dirty and scuffed up, it was brand new too! But mine came out first and off I went to find the Leonardo express train to find my hostel.

Eleven Euros paid for the train. I can feel my wallet grow thinner by the minute! And I just arrived! Well on the train I met an interesting political science professor from the University of Indiana. Discussed our travel itinerary and life paths. It was interesting, after his conference in Venice he will be heading to Turkey for a vacation. He gets to have a nice month “off” the first week is actual work and the last two vacation time!

When the train arrived at the Termini station, it totally broke all the expectations I was expecting after reading about it in the web. I thought it was going to be a little beat up and “dangerous.” But it wasn’t, yes I know naive. It was and is a perfect haven for theft since there was just so many people, but it was pretty nice with a lot of stores inside! So walking around, I went out by the wrong exit and found myself very far away from my hostel, Alessandro Palace’s hostel.

But even if I did get to the hostel, I wasn’t allowed to check in till 2 PM. So I paid and they let me drop my luggage off in their luggage hold and back out to Rome to do some quick adventuring. I went around unknowing of any sights I wanted to see, given that I just arrived. As I am an aimless wanderer, I found some really nice piazzas and fountains! I continued to walk around while taking some shots of the things that I was currently seeing.

I came back to the hostel at 2:15 PM to pick up my luggage and put it into my room. And that was when I found myself searching for a lock. So back out I went to look for a “lock” So I went back out I went and bought a lock and then hopped onto one of the public transport buses and went around the city without paying. At first I thought, dang, Rome’s PT is free? It wasn’t which I was told later.

Heading back to the hostel at 5 PM, I met Luke and Jaclyn, who were on a five week trip after college. I entered my hostel room and saw them sleeping, so I did my best to get my stuff out of my bag as quietly as possible so I could finally shower. But Jaclyn woke up first and I greeted her and then Luke who woke up afterwards. The shower felt so good!

They left for dinner before me and I went across the street for a spinach ravioli and a cappuccino. The price wasn’t that bad, but the food was not as good as I had expected. Try everything and every place right? So this was just my first place, I’ll try new ones tomorrow and for the rest of my adventure!

I went back to Termini, after dinner, to purchase a converter after breaking the one I bought from home, a guinness, some pringles, and half a gallon of water. My parent’s friends were going off on their tirade on how expensive it was in Europe and how they nickle and dime you, as well as I need to be aware of my gear or else it would be stolen. Apparently they aren’t the best travelers, because my half gallon water only costed me .73 euro cents which is probably about $1 in US dollars. As for my gear, my bags are pretty beat up, as seen and I have them within eye-hand distance of myself.

I came back to room to chat some more with Luke and Jaclyn and got some sweet travel ideas! I didn’t think about Cinque Terre and wrote that in my journal that I need to see that place when I go to Florence!

Drinking my guinness, we chatted, updated our journals, and went to bed.