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I woke up the next morning at 7:23 AM, which is not early by my standards as I am usually out to work by 6:30 AM. The hostel offered a “continental” breakfast – cereal, bread, and jelly for its travelers. I really can’t complain because it was free, but…

In any case, I took the metro to the Colosseum and to Palentino Hill. The metro was packed like I heard it would be. I mean really packed! I wasn’t worried about theft, but I did have my camera in my bag tight around me and my wallet in my front pocket. There was really no where to sit and hardly to stand so when the train twisted and bounced, we twisted and bounced!

I arrived at the Colosseum at 8:50 AM, early enough to beat the crowds that I was warned against. The site was massive! I was set to explore every nook and cranny of this magnificent creation!

That's me you can see in the reflection!

They blocked off all the interesting parts and only let the visitors on a certain and direct path. While we did get to see the main arena and the halls inside the walls, they closed off all the other parts! I was a little disappointed! I wanted to relive the gladiator hey day going through all rooms and pits! It was a serious thrill, but I wanted more. Yeah I shouldn’t complain because I get to see and touch it in person..

I left the Colosseum to get to Palentino Hill. Some really sweet ruins to run amok in! Now this was what I was talking about! I understand at this point, I am sounding like a typical overeager tourist…

I meandered around the site, checking out all the fallen ruins, the old monuments, and rusted Iron doors. It was definitely fun being able to be a micro explorer, well among a mass of other visitors.

Leaving Palentino Hill, I meandered around and found myself into a large piazza with yellow balloons. Then it clicked that I saw these balloons from the other piazza that I was at yesterday! I could have walked here! Made me realize how much everything was in walking distance!

I took a quick glance to my right and saw a huge set of steps and walked up. The basilica at the top of the steps made me realize that those steps make me think of all the people who would come up there to worship. The steps were like penance steps! Inside the basilica was really sweet marble and lighting, well what lighting there was coming in from the windows from above!

I changed the f-stop to get this one.

I left the basilica and walked down the steps and made a right and found myself where I was the other day. hmmm…

Taking out my map, I wrote down where the Pantheon was and tried to find it again. I was following signs pointing me towards its direction, but there were some things that caught my eye and interest and I got diverted from the Pantheon towards the new novel sights.

By this time I was getting hungry, but thankfully this was Rome and there was a pizza shop near by where I bought a mushroom pizza. Oh how I love pizza in Italy! Charging me by the weight of the pizza, I got a huge slab for 4 Euros. Mmm! And to top it off, I had gelato a little bit later! Mmm!

My compact flash cards were all getting full now and they needed to be downloaded. So off I went to get back to my hostel. I knew that if I walked I would get lost checking out other things, so I hopped onto a bus. And was returned back to Termini where I bought some more water, juice, and apples.

When I returned back to the room, I met our new roomies, Jericho and Jessica from Tampa, Florida. Another two having a long adventure. I took the time to download the photos to the hyperdrive unit. While I am thankful for being able to borrow it, but the thing is a battery hog and it takes hours to download! So I could totally see myself hanging around while it was downloading from the compact flash cards. So I did the next best thing, take a nap.

When I woke, I took a stroll to find the post office. I definitely am getting lost more often in Rome than I would hope for. Being stubborn I just went around in search of the post office until I saw a cafe to buy a cappuccino. They also give free donuts with the purchase. Too bad I don’t eat eggs.

I finally found the post office. On the other side of the Termini station. On the other side? And out of the way? Why can’t they just have drop boxes? I mailed out my post cards and went back to the hostel.

Dinner was approaching so I departed from our group’s chit chat to find something different to eat! Meandering into the middle of Rome (seriously how do I end up where I end up?) I found a place called “Meeting Mary.” Guessing after one of the saints. And ordered a risotto with red cabbage. The waitress was rather pretty, but her breath was…

Mmm.. risotto...

The dish was really good! I loved the rice mixed with wine! mmm! Then I went back to the hostel knowing that if I stayed out longer I would get lost and it would be pretty dark by the time I found my way back.

That's a pretty small car..

Jaclyn told me about this awesome gelato place around the corner when I got back. After that, I just went back out to try out the gelato myself. It was pretty good!

And off I went to shower and then bed.

My hostel room!