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I woke up at about 7 am this time. The ladies from Argentina were leaving. I must add with a whole ton of hand bags. They bought a luggage just to carry all of them home and that luggage was packed to the brim! Luke and Jaclyn, were downstairs eating breakfast before they were off to Greece.

Today, was my adventure to the Vatican. Taking the metro again, I met the mass of passengers again. Everyone wore designer clothing and sunglasses, comparing my own clothing and attire I felt a little out of place. I am an Old Navy tee shirt and jeans/shorts kinda guy. It was not just the youth that had this on, but even the elderly! Gotta look slick with Armani at 80.

When I arrived at the Vatican, my choice of entrance was either the front of the Vatican or through the museum. I chose to walk the long way around to go through the museum then into the Sistine chapel and then into the Basilica. Luke and Jaclyn mentioned to me that the Vatican took marble blocks from the Pantheon, as well as artwork from Egypt. Which was weird. Why would there be artwork pre dating any Christian history in the Vatican? And work depicting pagan gods ….

I kept on going around and looking at the artwork with my camera out, looking for interesting framing. I didn’t realize that I was in the Sistine Chapel till I was shouted to put my camera away. At first I didn’t know that it was me because a group of people had their cameras out shooting. And I barely lifted mine and got pulled aside and was told to leave. Oh well. Before anyone condemns me as being an ignorant tourist, I was lifting it over my head so I could take it off and put it into the bag. I always use my camera strap.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards me. I just rolled my eyes. I mean what else can I do? I wasn’t even taking photos! I was putting the camera back into my bag!


While I can understand that they don’t want photographs to be taken because of the flash, one, I was putting my camera into my bag and two, I don’t have a flash on my camera. I left my external flash at home and the 5D2 doesn’t have a pop up! Flash and harsh light destroys artwork that isn’t something that I don’t know.

So I continued to St. Peter’s Basilica. I almost went in with my hat on and one of the guards stopped me to take it off. I wasn’t sure if he was upset or just in a rush. But I took it off, even though, ten people who went in before me had their hats on! Why am I being singled out here? 😦

The interior was immense. The scale of the basilica was just huge! Makes me wish I had a 16-35 mk II with me along with the 24-105! It was just gorgeous inside! I spent a good hour looking around and photographing the interior!

All the pope's names on a board.

I was wowed!

Going back outside, I took the standard outside shots of the Vatican. Then went to Castel Sant Angelo, pretty much a long and narrow cavern to the top of the fort.

How come none of the toilets have seats on them?

I headed back to the Termini station to buy my train ticket to Florence. Forty Euros.

Back at my hostel room, I waited for 5 pm to go explore for dinner. But I forgot to buy some things at the store, so I went back to Termini to buy some fruits, water, and Guinness.

When I got back to settle back into the room, I met Courtney and Rochelle. Both of them were from Texas, and Courtney was arguing with this airline person for Rochelle’s sake. Rochelle needed to get her airplane ticket changed. Which was all I let myself find out as I went back out to get some dinner. A really salty 4 cheese pizza and a coke.

Walking back into my hostel room, Courtney parted ways as she booked herself another room at the other Alessandro hostel to meet her boyfriend. She told me good luck. Good luck?

And then I met two Canadians, Joanna and Glenda. I tend to meet a lot of Canadians during this trip! ha! After the two showered it was decided to go out. Feeling a little bored with my routine, I joined them with Rochelle and Nadya on a night out. We wanted to find some dinner and then find the Spanish steps.

At first we went to this pretty pricey place, inadvertently. At least I would like to think we accidentally did, but left afterwards. Being a vegetarian, Joanna on a gluten free diet, and Rochelle lactose intolerant (Why are you in Italy if you are lactose intolerant?) we left to find another place. Which we found as a snack bar with this really eccentric waiter.

I ordered a salad with fresh mozzarella, Glenda had lasagna, Joanna had a veggie dish, Rochelle had pasta, and Nadya had something. Courtney’s words started to reverberate at this point. Rochelle is very loquacious, but in the ditzy way! The entire exploration it was her talking! It was if she was talking to keep herself from being scared!

We finished our meal, thankfully, and walked towards the Spanish Steps. When we got there it was full of college age students with lots of noise and heineken bottles! Hanging out there for a little while, this guy behind us was playing music! Which was cool.

Joanna and her Olympus camera..

We went back around to look at the fountains at night and then got lost. Joanna had the map, not me! We went around and around.

By 12 AM we got our bearings and Rochelle was seriously getting on our nerves, I am not sure about Nadya, but Joanna, Glenda, and myself we were just about to cut her loose. She wanted to charge her pay as you go phone on an ATM. Seriously? So the first time we thought, ok let her charge it a bit. Then the second time we just left her. Poor Nadya stayed, and I didn’t want to leave Nadya out there by herself with that moron. So I waited a bit while Joanna and Glenda were ahead of me. Seriously, at 12 AM in the middle of night in Rome?! Her sister was absolutely right!


We finally got back to the hostel. The ladies went to the bar first, so I went up to the room to shower first. And then Joanna noticed there was a dude in her bed, below Glenda’s. The bed next to me was free…