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Before I left for Italy, I was talking to Nicole over Facebook about the pending adventure. She had a lot of good word on Florence and today, I was really stoked and excited to go to Florence! Of course I would have enjoyed staying in Rome a little longer to spend more time with Glenda, Joanna, and Nadya, but my train ticket has already been bought. I repacked all my gear by 7:40 AM and hung around till 8:50. I chatted a bit with a groggy Joanna and parted ways towards Florence. Glenda left before I did so I wasn’t able to say bye.

At the Termini station I waited for 9:15 to roll around so I could board the Eurostar train towards Florence. It was a nice one hour train ride where I caught up a bit on my journal, CF downloads, and rest.

When I arrived, I went to find the hostel Plus Florence. This time I didn’t get too lost and found it within twenty minutes of leaving the train. Couple descriptions to describe Plus Florence’s awesomeness- indoor jacuzzi and pool, roof top bar and terrace, and, best of all, FREE WI-FI! I think I am in love!

I checked in and dropped my luggage off so I could go back out to look for s0mething to eat and do some exploring. I adventured around Florence, climbing up a really high duomo (which I didn’t actually go to the top top because I made a wrong turn …. ) and found some really really really great gelato!

haha! Game over!

I was behind this thick pexiglass panel..

Piaget? Like Jean Piaget?

I went back to my hostel two hours later to find my room and inquire about trains to Cinque Terre. I was supposed to see Michaelangelo’s David the next day, but since today and tomorrow are my only days in Florence, I opted to go to Cinque Terre instead of seeing the David in the Ufuzi. I pre-paid for my ticket too. Oh well. I prefer hiking adventures over museums. The dude with spikey hair at the front desk of Plus Florence told me that I need to be at the Station at 7 AM for La Spazia, a local train.

Found my room and before I set back out, I asked where I could find the best gelato in Florence. Another employee directed me towards across the city, really was across the city, to a spot where it was affordable and delectable! It was a hike, but it was definitely worth it.

With so many flavors to try, I tried a caramel dolce and a strawberry mixture. Mmm! I have definitely been spending more money on gelato than anything else here!



Dinner consisted of cold pizza and marinara pasta. By 6 or 7 PM I headed up towards the Terrace to write in my journal. I never tried a Strawberry Daiquiri before and I really didn’t like the beer choice there, so I had a couple strawberry daiquiries. This Australian girl named Lizzie and two Australians from Perth, named Steve and his friend (who’s name I don’t remember), and the bartender Lorenzo and I were at the bar chatted and laughed it up till about 9:30 when Nora joined us.

Somehow we got into a discussion of religion and Nora spilled some of her white wine onto my pants. Usually that would be an interesting pick up moment, but I don’t think I liked her.

I gave Lizzie my ticket to the Ufuzi since I was heading off to Cinque Terre instead and we all drank and were merry till I went to bed at 11:40 PM to get ready for Cinque Terre.