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I woke up at 6 AM, but dozed off till 6:30 AM.  A funny thing happened on the way to the bathroom, someone was asleep in it!  I don’t drink till I am obliviously drunk, but this was really irritatingly annoying!

I went straight to the train station after I went to the lobby bathroom to brush and piss.  The local train will take a while to get to the first town, Riomaggiore.  So about 7:35 am I arrived and looked for my train.  They really do not write or label train numbers anywhere, so finding the train was a pain in the ass.  Thankfully I stumbled upon it at station 6 when the train just arrived and the switch board labeled it for La Spazia.

I also found other travelers heading to La Spazia, which was neat.

Taking about 2 and a half hours to get to Cinque Terre, I took a quick snooze until I woke up to discover that I had to quickly change trains!

I finally arrived at Riomaggiore.  It started out like an easy platform hike, which saddened me a little.  Which I will soon regret saying.  I quickly looked for off the beaten trails, which I eventually found for that part of the region, but I found myself back on the original trail.  That trail led me towards Manarola.  The trails quickly became dirt, gravel, hilly, and a ton of steps!

Yours, Truly! 😀

Today did not have titillating blue skies, instead it was dreary grey overcast.  Still what a day to hike and take photographs.  😦

Man I love these views!

I was walking and this couple replied when i looked at this hat, courtesy of the Americans. What?

Regardless of the weather outlook, the entire trail and locale was absolutely gorgeous!  It would have been even greater if it had that awesome blue sky, but the hike and sights were breathtaking!

I continued to hike and take photographs with intermittent breaks to eat some trail mix, fruit, and quench my thirst with water.

By 2 pm, I felt my legs and lower back cramping up.  Still I kept on going, even when I got the next town.  The reason I had to burn through Cinque Terre, sadly, was because the only train back to Florence was at 5:41 pm so I had to finish by 4 pm.  If I had my gear with me and stayed at a nearby hostel, then I could have taken my time.

By 3 PM I entered Vernazza, the trails to and from Vernazza were probably the harshest of all the trails.  Not just because they were slippery from the light rain fall, but because they were tight with steep inclines and declines.  So by the time I got to Monteressa, I was so tired that I thought I was already at the end!

I went around Vernazza to look for a toilet, I had to go.  Like real bad!  I finally found a small deli/snack bar to buy a coca cola (not the best drink to drink when hiking, but it was the only thing they had) so I could use the bathroom.  Geez, the person inside was severely constipated.  At least that was what if felt like waiting.

It was finally my turn and it felt good to relieve myself.  Washed my hands and went back out to pick up the trail again to get to Monteressa.  And the trails seemed tighter and steeper than Vernazza.  By the time I got to the middle of the hike, my knees were not functioning right.  They wanted to cave in and I formed these huge blisters on my feet.  Every decline, the pressure stabbed its painful daggers into my knees.  But I had to press on because of time.

By 4 pm, I made it to Monteressa!  Seeing people in the beach I joined in!  Only deep enough to my knees.  The people inside the water were from New Zealand and were staying relatively close by whereas I had to return back to Florence.  2 hour train ride while being wet wasn’t something I wanted to experience.

And off I went to book my ticket to La Spazia and to Florence.

One of the things that I dislike about Italy is the smoking and the disorganized train system!  When I booked, there were no markings for what train I had to take and the monitors did not give accurate details either.  Asking around, I eventually found the train I had to go on and met a nice couple from Seattle.  Telling me the best time to see Seattle was from July to September.  Definitely not November, I know what Seattle looks like in November haha!  And I met another traveler from Perth telling us that was where true Australians are from.

An hour passed and then a bunch of friggin smokers kept jumping in and out at the stop which eventually damaged one of the doors.  The door malfunctioned so much that we were delayed by forty to fifty minutes because of those retards trying to get their fix!  Then what is worse, one of the guys went to the rear intersection to smoke!  GAHHHH!!  I stood up, banged on the door and yelled at the guy to put his freaking cigarette out.  Too bad I couldn’t curse in Italian..

The couple from Seattle and myself were seriously pissed because of the delays and this crappy smoker in the back.

When we finally started we got to Florence at about 7:55 pm.  And we stopped in front of the Firenze SMN sign.  Which was about a mile away from the station.


When we finally arrived to Firenze SMN it was 8:06 PM.  Said my byes and went back to my hostel to find some dinner.

I ordered some pasta and then headed up to the terrace to see if Marco (that’s his name!), Steve, and Lizzie were there.  They weren’t and I went back to my room to shower.

That shower felt seriously good!  Especially after that long and sweaty hike.  Feeling refreshed, I went back up to the terrace to chill out and write in the journal.  Marco and Steve was talking to this lame Argentinian dude.  I joined only to chat with Marco and Steve, but they left me with the dude from Argentina.  Bastards!  Thinking of departure words, I just said I gotta go and went back to the bar.

There were these two girls who were getting their drinks with red bull.  In physiological terms, mixing red bull (and other caffeine stimulant goods) with alcohol is not a good thing to do.  Yeah.  I don’t really care much about those two, but they left and took a glance with a ciao and see you in a little bit.  Ok.  Don’t get me wrong, I love women, but they just seemed … loose.

Back to bed it was for me.