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I woke up at 9 am today. I really needed to rest my legs, but what else was dire was that I needed to find a laundromat to wash my clothes! I have been reusing my clothes, except a few undergarments, so I need to get my clothing washed!

This would be an AWESOME engagement or bridal party spot!

Today’s search was for an internet cafe. Going around and around, I found a grocery store at least! Which was good because it was noon when I found it!! I went inside to buy a bunch of bread and swiss cheese for 4 Euros! I didn’t have to buy water in Verona because I can drink from the tap!

Then searching for some park benches was in order, where I devoured half of the cheese, two loaves of bread, and the apples that I still had in my bag. AHHH!! Refreshing! After finishing my meal, I continued my search for the internet cafe. I literally went around again and again looking for the place. I was told it was here and then when I got to the here it was there, but where was there?!

Asking didn’t help because I asked four individuals as I was going in loops and loops. Finally when I got closer to the train and bus station, I found one! I got to fulfill my internet fix! Checked facebook, gmail, princeton’s webmail, checked out some news, and sent messages! Whew! This internet withdrawal was tough!

Afterwards, I went towards a castle finding a small courtyard and water fountain. Was this really a castle? It sure didn’t look like it! Looked more like a fort, against what the officer’s descriptions. The artwork inside was decaying but there were some interesting pieces inside.


The historical sites of Verona weren’t very impressive. Big pity.

HOWEVER! The Gelato here was great! Or maybe cause I am so biased on gelato that any gelato is good to me. Mmmm.. cherry and caramel toffee…

Back at the campsite, I had to drop my bag off. Everything felt so immensely heavy at this point. For seven straight days of my backpack and camera was wearing down on me. I drank some water and went back to center city to eat some dinner. When I got back I hit a group of smokers at this one place that I wanted to try. So I went back to the center of the city and bought a pizza and a guinness.

Afterwards I was a little tipsy, sweaty, and grimey, so I went back to the campsite to relax and shower to prepare for the next day.