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I slept in till about 8:30 am. I really haven’t slept in that long for a while! Really!

I ate breakfast and met Lizzy on her way out, she was off to Rome and I headed back to my room to pack my gear. I am so glad that I am backpacking! I don’t want to lug around a huge suitcase, just a hiking bag, backpack, and camera bag! I could probably have done without the day bag, but that held my water, food, journal, and maps that I would never look at.

I saw Marco and Steve on my way back to my room and said our byes and well wishes. They enjoyed Cinque Terre as well! I really should have taken a photo of all of us the other night.

I got all my gear together and was heading down to check out when I ran in to Nora. She was headed towards Naples and we both checked out and then parted ways.

Walking back to the Firenze SMN, with these great memories just from two nights in Florence. It is going to be a tough call to say I want to live here or in Ireland! And my family knows I love Ireland! ha!

I bought my train ticket to Verona for 37 Euros for second class on the Eurorail TrenItalia. Again the station was scant with the details! ARGH! But it was found after talking to some representatives. My train was on Bolzano (Bologna), where Verona is north of. This was going to be a three hour train ride. oye.

My train was on track 12 and it was my first time on Eurostar Trenitalia. And the door was having trouble. AHHHHH!

For three hours, I tried out some video recordings, transferred photos to the hyperdrive, and listened to music knowing that I would not have access to much electricity at the camp site. I charged my hyperdrive on the train as that was the most important electronic device aside from the camera.

When I got to Verona, the first thing I did and never used was my 3 day Verona card. I would have used it for bus rides and sights in Verona. Afterwards I went out to wait for Bus 41 towards Voldemart via Masala. When I got to the stop it was packed with a ton of people and left confused towards which bus to go on.

The first time 41 came, I was told that wasn’t the bus I was looking for. And waited. It came back around again, an hour later, and I went to the bus driver who told me himself that his route was the right one. He was really nice, he went past his stop to get a drink and to give him five minutes in Italian. Going around a roundabout, he dropped me off at my stop and pointed me to the direction that I needed to got to.

Going in that direction, I realized I was going up a steep incline. Oh crap! I had all my gear on me and my knee was in serious pain! When I finally got to the top of the hill, I followed the signs to the campsite where I found one of the workers with lots of dreadlocks trimming the hedges. In English he gave me the directions to the reception site. I walked inside and checked in. I rented a mat and blanket too. haha!! I am camping out on the top of a mountain for three nights and I didn’t bring any of that. But I figure that since I am staying mainly in hostels, bringing camping gear would not be appropriate.

This was what I had to use for three days.. ha!

So I got my site set up, this reminded me of my boy scout days. It was a small tent, but good for me and my gear. I rested a bit after setting it up and saw the huge blisters on my feet. I mean huge. I added another item to my grocery list- mole skin bandages if I could find any. My list of groceries consisted of:

  • Mole skin bandages
  • bread
  • Cheese
  • Fruit
  • water
  • guinness

So I went for groceries and went exploring instead. It seems like every time I try to relax and not explore, I go explore instead. Well until I got hungry and searched for a decent place to eat. Where I found a place with a 2 Euro pizza and cappuccino place in the middle of the city.

That was where I stayed at night!

I love this framing!

I hiked around and around, while getting lost, searching for groceries when I stumbled upon the arena. Not too familiar with it or its history, but it looked like there was going to be a show or concert there.

While I was still out here, I found some dinner- marinara pasta and a guinness. The portion was tiny. Really tiny! They must have done a macro close up in the pictures because it looked big! It was alright, I guess cause I am in the touristy part of Verona, the prices were high and the quality of food was low.

Look at this! What a sad day!

By the time I finished dinner, my knees were throbbing in pain, so off I went back to my camp site. On my way back I saw some newlyweds crossing the bridge and snapped some shots.

The path behind the car was the path that I take to my campsite.

The hill going up became a real burden. I had to stop every five feet to rest and rub my knee. I started to think that I should take it easy the next day and go to Venice on Monday. Headed back to the camp site, I took a shower and bought a chocolate latte. Where is the caffeine?! I stayed at the terrace to write in my journal, take some photos of the night sky setting in, and listen to music.

Verona at night