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I woke up at 7 am, because I really wanted to leave. I went to brush my teeth, while I charged my iPod and camera batteries. I found an electrical socket by the sinks of all places.

I came back to my tent and packed, which was relatively easy since I packed light! It feels good leaving this place. It isn’t like I dislike the place, it’s just that three days was good enough for me.

By 8:05 am, all my stuff was ready and I was set to check out. The price of the site was thirty nine euros for three nights, a tent, mat, and blanket. Not bad!

The bus arrived at 8:43 and the bus sped its way to the train station. Maybe I should have slept in a bit or waited, because my train wouldn’t leave till 11 am. argh. Well the view was interesting to say the least. The teens ahead of me were going “at” it.

The train arrived and the number one car had issues with its AC unit. So there was a delay. ….

I arrived in Bologna and I already disliked it. A subjective feeling came over me, it was like entering Cork in Ireland. I hopped onto the bus, which was packed like sardines and what made it worse was that I had all my gear!

I got to my B&B, which was located in a shady spot. BIG QUESTION MARK popped into my head as I pressed the door bell. It was a bed in a family’s bedroom. A bed in a family’s house? Whoa! The website sounded like it was a hostel! I have a personal distaste of staying in another family’s home, like this. Really weirded me out, so I told the guy that I didn’t want to be here and paid my supposed night, apologized, and left.

Back at the train station again, I thought about looking for a real hostel in this area. I checked it all out and they were well over a hundred euros a night. Well back to Florence it was for me! That was my decision, I called Plus Florence and they told me they have some rooms for me and booked my train ticket back.

Ugh! Worst decision ever to go to Bologna and booking that place! I mean the couple sounded extremely nice and gracious, but that was really unexpected, at least from the web-ad. But I am really uncomfortable in staying with an unknown family.

I made it back to Plus Florence. I really love Florence! They let me stay one night, but were unsure for the following. I would have to check again tomorrow. But that was ok! Once everything was straightened out, I went to the laundry room immediately to wash my clothes! Whew!

Those clothes were so full of sweat and grime and now they are being washed! And, now I can have fresh clean clothes!

And while that was being cleaned, I was off for my gelato run! On that run, I bought Vincent a t shirt and a Venice mask for 5 Euros!! hehe! I also have a rock for him to from Cinque Terre. Every journey I take, I bring a rock back for him! 🙂

When I came back, I tossed my newly washed clothes into the dryer. 🙂 Fresh clothing! And dinner was here!

I had a nice vegetarian pizza! Mmm! I devoured that pizza! By now my clothes were all done and I brought them all back to my room.

With my clothes fresh and clean I went up to the terrace to get something to drink and then off to bed. I have a wine tour tomorrow to go to! Excited!