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This morning I woke up for the first time with rooster calls! Whoa! I was heading to Venice for the first time. My left knee sill ached and my right foot made it extremely difficult to walk. I stayed in Verona this long to do a day trip to Venice. There was no way I could afford to spend a night in Venice. I checked out the prices and wow! EXPENSIVE! So I would stay in Verona for three days and one of those days would be a day trip to Venice.

I had to take a major dump. The toilets were squatting toilets. I remember Eric telling me about his adventures in Asia when he had to use the squatters too! ha! Oh man, I don’t want to get graphic here, but boy oh boy!

Ok censoring the nasty graphic nature of pooping, I was already prepared to go to Venice. My stuff was already packed and ready. Feeling lighter, haha, I went down to the bus station and got dropped off at the train station. Bought my tickets for Venice and my trip to Bologna for tomorrow, two birds with one stone!

The train took about 2 hours to get to Venice. On the way I saw the absolutely hottest Italian girl that I have ever seen! She was literally sparkling! Light brown brunette, with a dazzling smile, she was a goddess among mortals. Be really strange to whip out the camera to photograph her. I failed. ha!

After she left, my stop for Venezia S Lucia came. Once I stepped out of the train I headed straight to the bathroom to take a piss. And then the exploration and photographing moment!

I passed by a souvenir shop to buy a couple post cards. Really the only thing I buy from souvenir shops are post cards. Sure I can make my own when I get home, but I liked buying them in the country. Then I saw some really awesome Venetian carnival masks that were for the winter carnival. Totally awesome! I wanted to buy one for Vincent, but for 50 Euros and up? forget about it.

I checked out a lot of the river by ways and went to look for places situated on huge wooden pillars, but I wasn’t there yet.

I bought and consumed a kilo of bananas. Oh bananas how I missed you and Potassium! But then I had to go to the bathroom.

1.50 Euros to use the bathrooms. Oh. Snap.

Oh snap!

Then I got lost in a residential area of Venice. Not a place where I would want to be exploring. Not that it was a bad area, just that it was very far from the train station. Back tracking, I realized that my map wasn’t helping me.

By 1 pm, I fond my bearings and got into proximity of the train station. I withdrew a 100 in euros (OUCH!) as I was running out of cash. As it was getting hotter and hotter, I decided to leave Venice. I seen everything that I wanted to see. My knee and feet would thank me because they were in a lot of pain.

Train ticket purchased and set for Verona. And sleep settled in.

Waking up, we were at Verona and I caught the bus in time. The driver had the petal to the metal! He was a really stop and gun it driver, which made me a little sick. ha! When we finally got to my stop, I rushed to the site to drop my stuff off and relax. I had to reapply my sunblock. It was getting seriously sunny.

By 5:30 I went back to the city center stopping at another awesome gelato spot! And then bought a vegetarian pizza. Their dough was so soft! It probably has eggs, I hope not.

The waitress was a tad busty, but wasn’t very cute. She looked really bored. So I just ate my meal and went on my way.

Trekking my way through the city center for the last time, I thought about teaching English in Italy, then old faithful snapped! My camera bag for five years broke! The strap just broke off of its connector. I bought that bag when I bought my first camera!! My canon G5! Its death was so sudden and saddening! It went with me to Thailand and Ireland!

The remorse was so great that I didn’t think much about my last trek back to the campsite. Returning back to my tent, I immediately went to go shower. I really need to wash my clothes, I only have clean pair of undies to use. So tomorrow when I check into the hostel in Bologna, I will have them washed.

Speaking of broken bags, my dad’s Old Navy bag was also on the verge of breaking. Both have been on my international travels and Italy broke them.

I saw my last sunset in Verona on the terrace.