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:: grumble ::

I had to check out and stash my stuff in the storage hold today. Hopefully, hopefully, they will have a room for me. After I checked out, I got ready for my wine tour in Florence. First time having wine and a wine tour! I thought it would be a very interesting experience.

I grabbed my journal and camera gear and sat down in the lobby to write and relax a bit when I met Catherine, Amy, and Louisa. Louisa and Catherine were from Melbourne and Amy was from New Zealand. So I had to ask, after being told by three individuals from Perth, “Are the real Australians from Perth?”

Catherine and Amy were traveling for five weeks and Lousia is on a 6 month journey. Long voyages… I am somewhat envious! As much as I love traveling, I am not sure I would be able to take more than 2 months of traveling at one time. Well money – wise definitely not! haha! But I would get home sick. Maybe.

Well the tour guide all guided us to our bus, which was pretty far away from the hostel. So we took a hike across the city to the bus, to board into a large tour bus. And we boarded.

Our first stop was a wine tasting spot to try 3 vintages of wine – supertuscan, (I love this name!) and the rest I don’t remember. All from the local Chianti Classico region. They taught us how to taste the wine. Uhm .. lift, swirl, look at alcohol content, sip, swoosh, swallow, repeat. hmmm.. maybe there is a trick that I am missing. Oh well. Sip.

The symbol of the area, the rooster!

our exuberant tour guide

After about half an hour of wine tasting, the tipsy-ness came in. We stopped by a small town to look around and shop. Did my post card shopping here!

Afterwards was lunch! We went to a really nice place that was a little out of the way, but it was definitely a gorgeous place! I hoped we could have stayed there longer.

I had a bruschetta, bread, and cheese, but seemed to forget to bring the pasta! They brought that out a little later.

By 3 – 4 pm, we headed towards our last drinking site. Grappa. It was a really high alcoholic content drink. And it burned, I should add!

When we got back to the hostel, I was able to get a room! I would later be meeting Louisa, Amy, and Catherine for a night out at 7:30 PM. We bought some wine and went over the bridge to watch the sun set with some snacks.

After drinking three glasses of wine, the sun finally set. I was sad that today was my last full day in the city that I love. Well we stayed there till about 9 pm and headed back to the hostel.

We got some drinks at the hostel and chatted till midnight when we all left to go back to our rooms.

And then parted ways.