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I went to Seattle in Nov. of 2008 for a week.  I had frequent flyer miles that I had to use up, so this was my destination of choice in the US!  I sent my absentee ballot for Obama since I knew that I would be away during that week of the elections!  Oh man was tension high!  Especially when i was on the ferry back from Olympia National Park during the election day, I had to call Eric for updates!

Nov. 2nd to the 8th.

I packed light for this trip, since it was a week journey and I wanted to practice to pack light.  I packed 2 pairs of pants, three pairs of long shirts, 8 undies, five pairs of socks, a towel, poncho, umbrella, and toiletry stuff.  I only had my 30D at the time as well as the 24-70 and my macbook pro.

I am not sure why I chose to go to Seattle, but I did.  Maybe it was because of Starbucks…