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I was really gasy this morning. I don’t know why!

I woke up at 7:50 am to brush, use the facilities, and pack my gear. I had to leave Italy today. Today sucks! I had some breakfast and sent an email to my family that I was getting ready to leave Italy.

I headed out with Jason, who was leaving for Florence, to Termini. At the self-service booths we parted ways and made our merry way to our respected trains. I had to go to Leonardo Express to get to the Fumicino Airport, with my flight being at 1:05 today there was no point in dilly dallying.

Douche bags acted like they were service people when they “helped” people bring their luggage out and then holding out their hands for tips. They tried that to me, but I just walked on without their “help.”

When I got to the airport, it was about 10:20 am and had to go find British Airways port. There was a fairly large line of people checking in. When I got to the booth, this really nice lady booked me in and I spotted that she has two different eye colors! WHOA! It was blue and brown!

I smiled and said thank you and went on my way to the security check in when she ran up to me asked if I wanted my luggage to go all the way to Newark or to London where my layover was. I chose Newark.

Going through security, I went to buy some lunch. And then some keychains as I remembered to buy some souvenirs.

I walked to my terminal, to write in my journal only to think that I need new reading material. What to read… I went to the book store and looked around. Looked and looked, and figured, Under the Tuscan Sun might be a nice read send off.

My quick fix to my broken camera bag.

Having read some of the first parts of the book, I could totally see myself living in Tuscany!

1:05 pm

Time to board my flight.

Ciao, Italy!!

In the air, the BA stewardesses started to hand out sandwiches. Being a vegetarian, one of the stewardesses ran back to get me a cheese sandwich! That was really nice of her! 🙂

And then the trouble came. I arrived at Heathrow 5 and went through customs, which took about 50 minutes to go through. The trouble came as I was going to be here for a day.

So my task was to look for a hotel. Well at first I wanted to just sleep in the hotel, or rather just stay over night and not sleep. Just like when I was in thailand, I wanted to just stay over night. But apparently I was told that I could not because Heathrow closes at 11 pm and re opens at 4 am. So I went to one of the booths to find a hotel. There was only one hotel in the airport and the rest were pretty far from the airport for my really early flight tomorrow. And the price for the hotel that I got was 200 or something pounds. Fuck.

I really should have chose a flight without this crazy layover! When I first planned this out, I thought I could go into London to hang out with a friend and then come back, but that didn’t work as the request went ignored. Oh well, part of the adventure, Eric would tell me.

I ended up staying inside the hotel room, not eating anything and watching old music videos.