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I woke up at 3:40 am. I couldn’t sleep, when I did it was very difficult to sleep. So I got up and checked out to get back to Terminal 5. I had to wait till 5 AM for the trams to start running so I could get to Terminal 3.


So I hung around the benches for a little bit. Realizing that I still had some pounds on me from my Ireland trip, I bought some coffee.

When the time came I got onto the Heathrow express to terminal 3. But first I met an Indian couple who told me about how they got kicked out last night trying to sleep in the airport. the airports are afraid people will do something dangerous. Lame.

I might have slept outside, well sit on the curb for a couple hours, but then I would have probably gotten into trouble. In any case, I got to terminal 3. Checked in and went through security really fast. I had to wait till American Airlines 099 to fly home at 6:50 AM. I still had some pounds left over, so I bought a bagel breakfast with my remaining pounds.

It took a while for my gate number to show up and when it did, I was bolting towards my plane! It was a good 30 minute walk from the waiting room to the gate… holy crap! By the time I got to the gate I had to go through another security check in and then a body search. what? I thought I already gotten through security! They scoped my shoes, my gear, and did a quick body search. Like I could bring anything dangerous on me while being in the airport.

7:20 rolled around and we boarded the airline. A Boeing 777! It was huge! It made me really want to fly in a Boeing 787! I had the window seat again, but at least this time the seatmate wasn’t huge. My flight was towards Chicago- AA’s hub.

During the flight, I watched Bride Wars. I know wedding planning is crazy and all, but this made light of the planning. It was also kind of scary in a way. People go through lots of lengths in their planning and sometimes turn into bridezillas…

When I made it to Chicago I went through customs and then boarded my next plane to Newark.

By the time I made it home, it was 7 pm.

My adventure to Italy was over, ups and downs, it was a great experience and awesome adventure!