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I woke up several times in the morning, one was when an attendant rushed into my room to get some signatures from two people who came in late late last night. Then one of them kicked me from under the bed, I am on a bunk bed. Second time was when Cody started to snore, and then I had to take a crap. As soon as I finished I saw one of them up and I went back to bed cause I needed to sleep. Chris was mumbling stories about the pub crawl from the previous night.


I went to go eat breakfast before heading out to Ostia Antica. I saw a cute redhead in the morning. At least my morning was saved. Breakfast was still weird cereal with what seems to be real fresh milk and bread. I went back to my room to get my camera and day pack.

I went back to Termini to check out if I could do a day trip to Positano. Too expensive and it would be one heck of a train ride for a day trip! So Ostia Antica it is!

And … then I got lost again. I went towards the Palentino stop, which was towards the right of where I got off instead of going to the left. I got so far out that I had to take the bus back to where I got out from!


so when I got back, I took the left instead and made it to the transfer station to Ostia Antica.

I went around Ostia Antica checking out the ruins, climbing on the fallen stone, getting lots (as usual) and checking out all the cool rubble.

By 2 pm, I headed back to the hostel. I haven’t been staying out long this time around at the sites that I visit because I am really exhausted. So when I got back, I bought some bread, cheese, bananas, water, and guinness.

When I got to my room, I had my hands full and pulled out my room card and my credit cards fell to the ground without me knowing. So when I got to the table to eat, I was about to put my United Chase card away when I saw that my debit card was gone! OH Crap!! I got up and prepared to go back to the grocery store when I saw them on the floor. Whew!

I started to eat again when my roommates came in, Robert and Danners came in first. All from Texas, they came into visit Robert who was studying abroad in Barcelona.

Then Jeff, Brian, and another friend of theirs walked in. They all seem like fun bunch to talk to, but they all went straight to shower and to bed. They just came out from the train from Germany.

The notion to return to Florence kept popping up in my mind, but I didn’t want to spend more money on train fare when I was really low in money at this point. So I went back out looking for a new place to eat, but went back to the one I went to the other day where I met a guy named Charlie from S. Carolina. This was his last night and I mentioned to him that I kind of missed America. Then a bunch of Americans sat behind us and brought the good ol’ fashioned American Stereotype that many foreigners dislike about us- loud, brash, rude, cocky, etc. It only took a couple seconds for me to reply that I got my america feeling back and that I am glad that I am still in Italy.

When I got back to the hostel, I was about to head to my room when I saw a cute girl drinking by herself at the bar. I had a bottle of Guinness in my room, so I went up to get it to drink at the bar.

Her name was Kara, a college drop out, babysitting in Switzerland. Babysitting all the way out in Switzerland? She was planning to move back home for a little while before moving out to Paris to study fashion photography. So I had to ask if she was planning to do anything tonight.

But she was more interested in her drink, so I let that go and went back to my room to shower and plot my final full day.