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I woke up at 7 am hoping that I could stay a little longer. I didn’t get a chance to change my reservation at Alessandro Palace back in Rome, so I couldn’t extend my stay in Florence. Feeling the hunger pang, I went down to the diner to get some food. Mmm.. cereal and coffee!

By 9:10 am, I checked out and left for Rome. I hope I have some cool or nice roommates back at Rome. I am going to be there for three more nights, what am I going to do for three more nights? I should have planned my last days better. When I booked my ticked back to Roma Termini it was 51 euros. ouch! It wasn’t that much when I left Rome to Florence! 😦

Oh well. The train was filthy too. Well I have a two hour train ride so time to charge the gear and download the CF cards. I started thinking about my boudoir clients that I had and will shoot in a couple weeks. This is going to be fun, especially building the albums!

Three more nights and then I will be flying back home. Very depressing!

I am glad that I opted to go to Italy this time around. I listened to U2’s “I still haven’t found what I am looking for” live from milan and it got me curious enough to want to come here. He was talking about the Duomo’s in Milan and then he slipped an “Excusi Moi” in French, instead of Italian. I was talking about this with Giovanni and he mentions that Milan being closer to France and also being a fashionista city, French is used very often. Oh. Before going to Ireland I was listening to “Bad” and like that I decided to go to Ireland. 🙂 In any case I am glad that I went to Italy, so much great food, great memories, and gelato!

I got back to Rome and checked into Palace Alessandro at about 12. The heat seemed to have up’d the ante! It was really hot! So I stayed inside to sleep. When 1 pm rolled around, I attempted to go out.

I went out to do some city shots and to go back to Termini to buy water and bananas.

By 3 pm my room was ready, from what I was told, so I went up to go sleep. But the cleaning ladies went back to clean again. What? Whatever, back out I go to get some nail clippers. I need to remember to bring nail clippers from home next time. argh!

When I came back, the cleaners were done and I clipped my nails when my new roommates started to stroll in . Melissa and Jessica from Chicago came in first and then about 20 minutes later, Danny, Chris, and Cody from Colorado came in. We spoke for a little while to introduce ourselves and got settled in.

Not sure what I would do for dinner, might as well go for the free pizza that the hostel offers. But then I recalled the taste of it before and changed my mind to go out to look for dinner. I went to this place Luke and Jaclyn recommended earlier. It was pretty good, decent portions, started me off with a huge bruschetta, lots of bread, and nice wine. I really liked the pasta with its mixture of vegetables and light marinara sauce!

Afterwards I went to get some gelato and headed back to the hostel. When I got back, the pub crawler folk started to come out to get people to go on their pub crawl. But that really didn’t sound like fun. So I went back to go to bed.