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The last full day in Italy has arrived. Do I sleep in, relax and chill or do I explore one last time?

I went to eat breakfast and then headed off not knowing what I would do for today. I went to the Termini station to see what I could do around Rome. Sperlonga? According to Lonely Planet Sperlonga was a beach village. That sounds nice! Too bad i don’t have any swimming clothes.

When got to Sperlonga, the bus was filled to the brim. Like a bus in Rome! It took some time for the bus to get to the first stop, which was where we all dispersed from the bus.

The water was clear and clean! I took my shoes off and walked in, but not too far in as I didn’t have extra clothes and my camera would be very exposed. So I hiked around the town. It was like an endless resort town. So I went up and down hills of beach and walkways. Boredom has crept in.

By 1 pm I was at the top and decided to go look for the bus stop. Which to my discovery were none. At least posted. I had to explore around to find the stop for the return trip so I found someone who told me where it was. In front of the supermarket and I just missed the bus.


So I waited around for the bus to come. Which came by 2 pm. When I got to the train station, the actual place to buy the ticket was at a tobacco shop right at the waiting booth. argh.

I got back to Termini at 3 pm and went back to the hostel to relax. Meanwhile I charged my gear and rested up. I went back out to get a slab of pizza for a snack. I love how Italy sells pizza by the weight! I got a whole ton of pizza!

At 6:30 I went to this place called Mama angela’s to eat for dinner. The place was really elegant, but the staff was a joke. They horsed around a lot and took forever with the meals.

I met my mystery roommates who kicked me the previous night, Andrea and Sean from California. We chatted for a little while with Jason, a Canadian.

By 9 pm we departed and I was off to bed.