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When I returned home from a visit up north NJ, I went to purchase some bread, cheese, shampoo, soap, and snacks for my flight to Seattle. I don’t want to fly on an empty stomach. Especially that they won’t be serving meals on the flight.

The next morning, I woke up at 4 am, totally forgetting about day light savings time. I should have woke up at 5 instead. So I stayed up to make hoagies, surfing the net, and racing after Grace. All my gear was already set to go, my clothes and camera gear. So I was ready! Ready to head over to Seattle, coffee heaven, a city full of vegetarian food, and .. rain.

My flight was out of the Philadelphia International Airport. And then the airline did the lamest thing- change my flight itinerary at the last minute. I will be flying from Philadelphia to Chicago to Denver to Seattle. More time in the airplane and higher chances of losing my luggage. 😦

When I boarded the plane, I had to find my seat which was all the way in the back by the window. As a kid I loved window seats, but now I rather get the aisle seat. And to make it worse, my seat was next to the wing. Definite thrill kill, not to mention the Boeing 757’s paint was chipping away, creaking, and well really old.

I was situated and fell asleep. When I woke up the flight attendants began serving beverages and the coffee was Starbucks. What a coincidence! I am going to Seattle, home of Starbucks! Well I am going to try all the other brands out there as well, but I want to try it from the motherland! ha! That was what Kyra once told me. Speaking of Starbucks, while I will be in Seattle, Lily will be gone from Starbucks in Princeton. 😦 She was really nice! First Laura, now Lily.

Digging into my pockets and then into my carry on bag, I couldn’t find my ipod! Crap! Where did it go?! I need to listen to music or else I will die! Well not literally die, but, you get the point. Do I take out the macbook pro and listen to the music off of that? Lo and behold I found my old Creative Zen. Good ol’faithful! Just a pity that I can’t sync it with iTunes. Silly proprietary bull.

I landed in Chicago and then quickly boarded my flight to Denver. An elderly lady was my seat mate. But it was a really short flight so that was ok.

We landed in Denver at 12:40 Denver time and it was a 2 hour layover. ::grumble::

But it was a nice airport! And Free wifi!! Hooray! So I did some chatting and surfing, while calling home and downloading Snow Patrol’s latest album. After it finished downloading I listened to it and enjoyed it. The flight to Seattle was here at 2:46 pm.

But this flight was even worse, window seat, in the back crammed with two fairly large guys. Why me? It was going to be a long 2 hour flight. Sleep seemed to have come faster than usual, and I slept all the way through the flight. When I woke up it was 5 pm seattle time and we were there. And boy was it dark out!

Luckily for me my luggage wasn’t lost and I was able to pick up my rental car quickly. I had a small Chevy Cobalt. A pretty tight fit ride, but oh well it was just me in the car. Logging into the GPS, I drove to my hostel, the Green Tortoise. Which got me lost a couple times before finding my hostel.

I found an overnight parking garage, which was a block away from the hostel which was right outside of the Pikes Place Marketplace! That was good because that was my first place that I wanted to see! After checking in, I went back out to do some quick night shots, found an adult store around the corner, haha, and took some shots of the crowd in front of the hostel in line for a concert. When I went back into the hostel, I had some free Mexican food and met some interesting people traveling.

An empty Pikes Place marketplace


Who's normal?

After jet lag, day light savings time shift, and uncomfortable flying I went right to bed.