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The thing with going to bed early usually means waking up early. I woke up at 5:30 am this morning to write in my journal, until 6 came about for breakfast. Hooray for peanut butter and jelly with an apple. I am probably going to go out to buy some food to eat.

At the desk, the clerk was wearing a really low cut shirt. ..bloody temptation..

I had my gear packed and ready to check out. But I didn’t check out till after I did some internet surfing and email sending. Hooray for work emails. Emails sent and I grabbed my gear and checked out of the hostel to carry my gear to my rental car in the parking lot and then coming back out to check out the Pikes Place Marketplace and the original Starbucks coffee shop.

When I walked into the marketplace, I saw all the seafood stands with all the seafood laying out there for the customers. As well as other foods, like awesome chocolates, trail mixes, and other goods. The thing I liked about the marketplace was all the people and the visual stimulation from it! It was pretty cool!

But it wasn’t that long of a place so once I got to the other end of the market, I saw the original Starbucks! Sweet! It was a small and welcoming shop, rustic brown in colors and baristas throwing cups. But there wasn’t anywhere to sit inside, so I went back out to do some more exploring.

I saw a Tully’s coffee shop just a few blocks away and thought to myself that I would need to try one from them. I felt my stomach growl and figured it was about time I went for some breakfast, something better than PB&J.

Oh no! An Other!

Back in the marketplace, I went to Lowells for a bagel and cream cheese. They spread the cream cheese on thick! The best! I didn’t buy any coffee since I just had some. ha!

When I left Lowells, I passed by this chocolate stand with a cute girl selling the chocolates.

After purchasing some trail mix and chocolates and chatting with her, I went to look for Pioneer Square. Being coffee free for about 10 minutes, I stopped at a Seattle’s Best Coffee. It was mighty good! Too bad the east coast doesn’t have a Seattle’s Best!

Mmmm… I love Seattle’s Best Peppermint Mocha! It is much better than Starbucks! Really!

I walked my way to Pioneer Square and was a little disappointed. It was really a bunch of shops, snapped some shots and headed back to my car. I had a bit of a drive to get to Bellevue, where my hotel for the week will be, and my check in time was approaching.

On my way back to my car, I passed by the Art museum in Seattle which I thought I would want to check out later. Made some mental notes to what I want to see in Seattle when I come back into the city.

I drove to Bellevue and saw Bellevue square which diverted my attention from checking in. It was a huge mall! Ridiculously huge! While walking around, I bought a t shirt for Vincent and had an interesting curry wrap for lunch. mmmm!

Outside of the mall was a little park, which was pretty neat! It was also near ArenaNet’s office. 😀

those are huge leaves..

Heading back to the car, I went to Bellevue’s Botanical Garden to check out some of the gardens and see them set up the christmas decorations for the pending holiday season. It was nice!

Yeah. Huge!

After I finished checking the gardens out, I went to the Best Buy to buy Snow Patrol’s album on CD so I could listen to it in the car. I like the album. Just as much as I like Eye’s Open, their previous album. I thought the new album had a more positive and fun theme to it compared to eyes open.

It was time to get to the hotel. I checked into the hotel and dropped off my gear. Ahhhhh! A hotel room all to myself! And free internet! Sweet!

I had to check out what vegetarian restaurants around my hotel for dinner and further research in places to see. Tomorrow I am definitely going to drive to Olympia State Park, drive and going by ferry of course, and then the next day will be checking out alki beach and University of Washington, and then Mt. Ranier, then check out Seattle’s public library and other areas in Seattle, then up to Vancouver to visit Meems and Maires.

By the time I finished plotting this out and chatting with meems, dan, maires, and bob on IRC it was getting time for dinner. There was this Vietnamese restaurant that caught my eye, it had good ratings on happy cow, so I guess I will start off with that place.

The portions were huge! I had my usual vegetarian sweet and sour dish. And it was pretty good! I really should have taken some photos of it, but I ate it before I could think about it.

After eating, I realized that it was getting late so I went back to my hotel room to go to bed. I have a long drive tomorrow to get to Olympia National Park.