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Where is my coffee? This morning was a rough one!

I woke up early to go to Olympia National Park today. It would be one heck of a drive even using a ferry. It is on the shore line of Washington and Seattle is like in the middle. So for me to get there without having to make a funny U shape course, I had to take the ferry which leaves early. I seen all those awesome photos of the place from other photographers on dgrin.com and had to go see it for myself! I packed all the snacks that I had, as well as some groceries that I have purchased and headed off to the ferry. Ahh, GPS, I love and hate you sometimes. Today I love you.

By 8 am, I arrived just in time for the ferry to leave! Whew!!

Ferry rides are pretty fun! This was my first time on a ferry. I pulled up to my designated stop and got out of my car to take a look. Today was an important day, not only was I gonna check out some awesome nature but it is also election day! So far before I left I checked the details on cnn.com, come on Obama! But I got preoccupied with chomping on some of my granola bars to think more about it. Obama is going to win.

When the ferry arrived, everyone got back to their cars and off we went! It was going to be a long trek! The first stop I went to was about 2 hours from the ferry stop. I have a lot of driving to do!

That is one huge booger..

The first stop I went to had a really damp hike to the water falls. Well it is not like it was unexpected, I am in Washington after all. Good thing that I had warm clothes on, haha, cause it was seriously cold! I hiked and saw some spiffy things along the way to the falls. When I got to the falls, there were several other photographers taking photos. Must be pretty slippery being on the rocks in the middle of the water, because that was where they all congregated.

I am not that gung ho especially knowing that my balance isn’t, well, balanced! ha! So I took some shots of the area and then headed back. I have strict times to follow. My leaving ferry leaves at about 6ish. And it was now noon.

I drove to the shore which was a 3 hour drive. 😦 But it was worth it! Seriously gorgeous!

My underused tripod.

I stayed there for a little while until I saw my watch. I had to be back to the Ferry! And that is gonna be like a 4 to 5 hour drive! Oh crap! By the time I got by the midway point it was already really dark out. Oh boy. Gotta put the petal to the metal with this Cobalt! Too bad that translates to 90 mph tops.

A couple hours later, I made it to the twists and turns to get to the dock! Turn here turn there, finally made it!! And my luck and early departure got me there just in time!

On the ferry ride back, I called Eric for the status updates. He was joking around like usual, but eventually told me Obama was in the lead. Damn right.

Instead of driving all the way to the hotel, I drove straight to the restaurant from yesterday and had a big bowl of pho. Hmmmm… I love pho, but their pho tasted.. odd. It had this unique sour taste to the soup.

After dinner I just went back to the hotel to chill. I was pretty beat, sweaty, and lazy.