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The body wanted to sleep, so I slept in.

Only for a little while, I woke up 9 am. ha! I wanted to sit in this graduate level class so I had to go to University of Washington later. That would be at 4 pm. So before that, I am going to go to Alki Beach and do some shopping at Bellevue Square. Tonight it is going to be this other Vietnamese/Chinese vegetarian food!

I entered the address for Alki Beach and amazingly that was pretty close to everywhere I want to go to. So that was that! I had already purchased cereal and since my hotel had a fridge.

Mmm… honey bunches of oats and soy milk! I tried to go vegan for the trip, really! Well then again I been drinking coffee which I use dairy so maybe that doesn’t work out. hmmm…

Fed and ready, I drove off to Alki beach. It was small and not what I expected, but it had a great vantage point if I were to shoot Seattle at night. Too bad the longest I could get was 70mm. What could I do? I don’t have the bling to get all the lenses that I want. I hiked around after parking and saw a Tully’s coffee. It was lighter than Starbucks and Seattle’s Best, but it really wasn’t that great. In my honest opinion!

Damn straight!

Tasting my peppermint mocha ( I tried Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, and Tully’s and I love Seattle’s Best, well.. the best.) I was ready to go back to Bellevue to do some book shopping. Cornel West released a new book called Hope on a Tightrope and I wanted to buy it. If I had to say, my favorite song from Snow Patrol’s Album has to be either, “Planets Bend Between Us” or “Lightning Strike” hmmm.. I mean I love the other songs on it too, but those two stand out.

haw haw!

I stopped back in Seattle really fast to check out the art museum.

Back in Bellevue, I went to the huge mall to look for a bookstore. I didn’t think about searching for a Barnes and Nobles, though I really should. I went to the information desk and asked where was the book store. They directed me to go leave the mall and go across the street towards a barnes and nobles. Doh!

And what made it worse, the rain was coming down harder and I did not bring my umbrella with me. Double Doh!

Well I got into the Barnes and Nobles as fast as I could to get out of the rain to look for Dr. West’s latest book. It was a little tough to find, so asking a clerk he showed me where it was. All the way in the back corner. Uhmm… It was just released why was it stashed in the back corner instead of the new releases?

Oh well. I went back to the mall, thanked the clerks, and went to Seattle’s Best to grab a cup of Peppermint Mocha. I love how the coffee and the syrup work together to give it the caffienated peppermint taste and on top of the whip cream it has large chunks of dark chocolate and peppermint! Mmmmm! This was what made it so much better over Starbucks and Tully’s!

My class was about to start at University of Washington, so I had to get back to my hotel grab my laptop and head over to the university. Every time I travel in the states, I try to visit the universities in the area. When I was in San Diego, I checked out UC of San Diego, University of miami when I was in Miami, etc. I guess at that time it was because of my interest in pursuing graduate school. These days, I think I am enjoying photography so much more.

It was a graduate level course in Photography and Society course. When I got to the campus, I got lost looking for the parking lot! I had to drive through a mass of students, don’t worry I didn’t run them over, to find it. Sheesh!

Having parked, I went around to the campus center, information center, to the library to get a free internet pass, and then to the fine arts building. The campus was nice! I liked the large center they have in between the major buildings! The library was pretty spacious and full of texts, the campus center had a real nice eating area, and I didn’t explore the other building.

The head shadow is me!

Ahhh.. fed and now ready for the seminar! I previously emailed the professor back in September through October about the course and said it was perfectly fine. So when 4:30 came around, I went to the Fine Arts building and asked the secretary (who was really hot!) where that course would be at.

In the basement.


I went to where the classroom was supposed to be and waited till way past 7. Hmmmm… I guess either I got the wrong classroom, which it shouldn’t be the issue, or the professor had to leave immediately. So I decided it was nice to visit the campus, but dinner was needed!

I was disappointed and left the campus to find the more important thing- food. I had the address for this Vietnamese Chinese vegetarian restaurant out in the boondocks, the ratings said it was good. So off I went.

Lo and behold it was an initiate’s restaurant. Just what I needed. Argh! I should have went to that Thai restaurant that I looked at earlier! Well food was food. My family knows I am highly, irked, with these people and really picky with my food. But I didn’t want to let my anger take over the fact that I am eating food.

The food was dry. 😦 Ugh. Oh well. Then one of the waiters asked if the seat in front of me was taken. Helloooooo I am traveling by myself and the entire restaurant is freaking empty! What a douche. I was not in the mood to play nice. I really tried to mind my own business, but the waiter kept on trying to strike up conversation. Now I love to chat with people, or listen, but I wasn’t in that kind of mood for that.

I finished my food and left. I was courteous and said thank you before I left.


The night was still young so I punched in Space Needle into my GPS to check that out as my last site for today. Tomorrow I wanted to see Mt. Ranier.

Vincent would love the Space Needle! Whoa! It was cool! Well I was also pretty much the only one up there too. Which gave it more bonus cool points! There is this nice long windy hall way where I could see Vincent run around and then the elevator up! It was pretty fast going up!

I wish I had a longer lens.

I took in some sights from above and then went back down into the souvenir shop. Great way to exit.

Back to the hotel for me to sleep and rest up.