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Today. Today was the day I was going to Mt. Ranier! I checked the weather forecast and even called them. I was told it would be a good day. So I got prepped to go to Mt. Ranier. This was going to be a shorter drive than Olympia National Park. Whew! I don’t want to do another long drive.

I ate the rest of my cereal … mmmm… and then got dressed. On me I had my jeans and sweatshirt and in my day pack I had some trail mix, water, poncho, and journal. My camera gear was always ready, ha ha!

Off I went to Mt. Ranier, a good 2 hour drive. It was actually a nice drive. Mainly because there was no rush to catch the ferry! ha! I drove through some nice towns with antique looking appearances and nice wooded areas. I think this would be a cool place!

I passed through the ticket office, buying my ticket, and drove up the path. Around the bends and twists, I drove my way up to the top. Or at least as far as I could. Midway of my drive, there was thick snow lining the sides of the road. Snow?

Curious, I stepped out of the car to take some photos of the snow. Hmmmm …. the folks who I spoke to yesterday said it would be a fine day to come out here. Right.

I drove all the way to the information center, I think, and it was entirely snowed in!! The only path that was open was the one I drove up here! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh well, it was cool to photograph the site. But pity I couldn’t go around much further.

After shooting for a little bit, I decided to go back to Seattle. Ahhh… man! I guess poor planning got me. It was really cool while I was here, so that was worth it. Time to take the long twisty and icy road back to Seattle. maan!

The drive back, I stopped by an explorer store to look around mainly to see if I could pick up an item for Vincent. But it looked like everything was pricey and too big for the little dude.

Having driven back to Seattle, I went to a water works site which was kinda cool. Saw how they managed to have waterway lane changes as well as areas where they are taking care of the local fisheries. It was an interesting area, but I was getting kind of bored. So I left for Seattle’s public library. Which was really huge!

I didn't have my macro at the time.

She was pretty cute. And with a pretty huge dog too!

I went up and down the library. All the way at the top, I looked down … holy. It was pretty high up!

Saw a guy trying to change the lightbulbs up there. That's gotta be tough!

Taking the elevator down, it did take some time to touch the ground floor. I looked around a bit and then headed to my car to head to this Thai restaurant by the university of Washington. And it was really awesome!

The interior was really well done made it look modern with a flair of thai. design. The waitress gave me a spice rating for the food. Zero to five, five being the spiciest. As I am not the biggest fan of spicy food, I opted for a 1 rating. Which was still pretty spicy. Oh the burnnn! I called Bob while I was at the restaurant, drinking down water to try to cool down the tongue.

That didn’t work and well, drinking water after eating spicy food doesn’t generally work anyway. But it was soooooo good, yet spicy! It was Thai red Curry and a sweet and sour dish. Mmmm!

I am definitely going to come back here again. I hope. Tomorrow I am heading up to Vancouver to meet Maires and Meemz Kwok for the first time in person! Online buddies from the AIC anime board. They are really awesome!

I finished my meal and went to the grocery store next door. A Vietnam vet was sitting out there asking for money. I dropped a $5 bill in his hat and moved on.

After my food purchases I went back to my hotel to relax and read Dr. West’s book before my trek across the northern border.