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It will take me about four hours to drive up to Meems and Maires’ place in Vancouver. So I left my hotel room at 6 am. This is going to be a long drive and then I have to go through border patrol? First thing is first, getting coffee!

Luckily there is a Starbucks in nearly every corner around my hotel. haha! I bought a bagel and cream cheese with a pikes place brew. Ahh breakfast!

I printed directions to meems’ and maires’ place, for just in case. And off I went up to Canada!

Three hours and a half later, I made it to the border patrol. I was asked these questions-

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to see my friends up in Vancouver.”

“How do you know them.”

“Through the internet. I known them for 3 -4 years now.”

“What are you going to do do there?”

“Have fun.”

That was it and off I went. Only my GPS stopped functioning properly. My arrow was no longer on the road and the distances were totally whacked. Errmmm… I thought my GPS was good for the North American Hemisphere. Good thing I got a printed map as well.

“Maires, uhm… what road do I take to get there? My GPS is not synced anymore!”

“Quick, Maires, get onto the internet!!”

After many turns I got into their part of Vancouver. Next up was getting through their neighborhood to their house! One would think that it would be an easy straight and then right onto Venebles, but wrong! It was a maze just trying to find how to get to their house, let alone get to their house!!

What their neighborhood did was create dividers and diversions to cut the traffic. So at my first diversion I made a right and then a left and then a left and then a right and then a right and then a left. I saw their street, but I just could not get there because of all those diversions so I had to do a right, right and then another right onto their street and finally made it!


I was finally at the Kwoks. First thing I needed to do was go to the bathroom!! I knocked on the door and Meems’ and maire’s mom answered the door with Meems at the doorstep. I guess their mom got their first.

I said my greetings to the parents and went up to their rooms. Whoa. All I am gonna say. They have a lot of birds! And a mean cat! Maires room was full of anime plush toys, unopened games, and other assorted entertainment goods. Meems room also had this kind of decor.

Meemz put one of their birds on my shoulder, Baby I think. And it hop crawled over me until it hung its butt out so it could poop. I guess Meems and Maires know the signs, they pulled out the trash can and the bird pooped.

Getting enough rest, Meems, Maires, and I went out to explore Vancouver. If only I came in the summer time, Vancouver would have been loads better looking! The first place was this vegetarian place. I know Meems and Maires love their meat, but took me to this vegetarian place to accommodate me. I had a veggie egg with mango platter (which was pretty much tofu and mangos…) and maires and meems had the veggie bacon sandwich which was so much better!

I guess I manually focused in the wrong zone.. ha!

Well that was that and we headed towards center city to explore. We parked in a garage and walked out to a huge mall building. It had some cool architecture with crazy lines! But the cool part was inside the bathroom there was this sign warning against sponge bathing inside! ha! how can you sponge bath inside there?

Do people really sponge bath inside?

yeah... definitely not my thing.

Back out we went. We walked around and saw a protest against Scientology going on with people with V for Vendetta masks on. Who would believe in Scientology?

In any case, we walked to this steaming clock and then to this pier before heading to Vancouver’s tallest building. And then went to a feminist movement art exhibit. I had to keep some distance from the twins, their feminist anger was growing and I was the only guy there…

Afterwards, we headed back to Maires and Meems so I could check into my hotel that meems rented for me! 🙂 Meems is awesome. I also met her boyfriend, Greg! What an interesting fellow! Well I got checked into my hotel and stashed my stuff there before we went out to dinner. The first place we went to, looked extremely nice, but there was no real vegetarian options for me there. So we went to another place, which was a Chinese Vegetarian restaurant. I am very thankful that they are such nice wonderful people.

We had a small table full of food! It was just a lot of food to eat! Mmmm! We each had a dish and there being four of us that meant lots of eating!

After being filled to the brim with food we went to a boba tea place. Where afterwards, the point of contention brewed. Was the server a seriously young girl dressed sleazily or someone our age. My vote was that she was a seriously young girl with a push up bra.

Well we ended the day with me being back at the hotel to rest up!