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My last full day here in Vancouver and Seattle. I saw in a Vancouver pamphlet a sweet rope bridge area that I really wanted to see! So Meems, Maires, and myself went there to spend my last day with them and my trip. I picked them up at about 7:30 am and drove to said place. It was pretty cool!

If I went here when it was not rainy and wet, it would have been even better! But still, it was really fun adventuring here with Maires and Meems. The first rope bridge was a long one. And Maires and Meems were just a little apprehensive about crossing it. But they did! 🙂

Were these two guys proposing?

That was pretty much what we did while we were there, go on all the rope bridges and admiring the huge leaves!

When we finished, our last stop was a Gelato spot! YES!! After that I dropped them off at their house, gave them hugs, and left back for the states. I had to get to the border before it gets super packed! There place was only about forty minutes away but it took me about 3 hours to get to the border station. That was how backed up it was. In the middle, this dude rear ended this lady and held up the lane next to me. Geez! And then I saw a dog running around without a leash thinking that someone lost their dog. Poor dog.

What kinda flavors are those?!

My GPS didn't like Canada.

Three hours later, I got to the border agent and we were joking about and he asked if I was glad to be back in the states. Yes I was. It isn’t like I didn’t enjoy it up in Vancouver or Canada, it is just America is home.

I went right back to the Thai restaurant for one last meal before heading back to the hotel.

Back in my hotel room I looked at all my mess. It was time to toss some stuff out and pack.

My mess and Vincent's rock!

I am leaving Seattle tomorrow morning.