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Being perfectly honest with you, I do not have much memories of Thailand as I do with my other travels.  When I went to Thailand it was to attend a retreat of some sorts.  It was also my first international voyage as well foray into using a DSLR.  I got my 30D a week prior to leaving for Thailand.  I went in November 2006 and was excited when it was first planned in June after becoming a permanent member of Princeton University’s staff.  However I did not really write any journal entries or went around as I would in my future adventures.

In hindsight I really should have ventured around instead of being cooped up into a hotel.  In any case, I’ll probably just post the photographs from the trip and use this primer as a back story towards it.  Even though I really like writing what happened day by day with the photos.

In May of 2006, there was word that there would be a big retreat for this faith group that I used to be apart of.  At that time my family and myself were really involved with it.  These days I have no affiliation nor belief in it.  So back on track, we were all very excited!  We bought our airline tickets and hotel reservations for it and day by day prepared for it.  I really was excited because this was my first international journey and it was in Asia of all places!  This was very exciting!  I would be able to hang out with friends in a foreign country at a resort and explore around (yeah.. right.)

During September to October I started to seriously look for a DSLR and at that time I opted for the Canon 30D.  After talking with Neil and finally deciding on that it was a good DSLR for its price point, I started ebaying for one.  I finally found one and Eric bidded on it for me.

Months of anticipation, as well as my co workers’ and my new boss, at the time, Adriana, paid off!  It was time to fly off to Thailand!  I was dropped off at EWR, Newark’s airport, and my parents went up to JFK.

I waited with my friends who were on my flight to Thailand.  A 23, or something, hour flight.  At that time I was going mad with graduate school applications as well.  If anyone knows much about graduate applications for doctoral programs, November is one of the roughest months for the application process!  I had all the information and materials sent to the schools already, all that was left were my personal statements.  My most important statements were for University of Chicago, Princeton University, University of Delaware, and University of California Santa Barbara.

I was also still a big time Guild Wars player too.

In any case, during the flight and during my stay I was writing and revising as much as possible on my graduate school applications.

During the middle of the trip, I was thrown to the wolves, or I should say a mass of mainland Chinese and Vietnamese people trying to get into my hotel.  Don’t ask, but the retreat people made me become a guard for some absurd reasons.  And I spent an entire day dealing with the high tension, stress, spit, and anger without break, food, or water.  argh.  Then I got seriously sick, coming down with a fever, bad cold, to the day I came home.

So for me, memories from Thailand were abysmal to say the least.