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I went to Ireland in August 1 – 19th of 2007.  I think I went till the 19th…

I previously blogged the entries, but after re-reading I spotted that I lacked further details and thought to myself that I need to re-write them.

Onto the journey.  This was my first solo international travel and this was my learning experience for packing.  I’ll just keep this part short by saying that packed a large luggage, camera bag, and day pack is way too much stuff to bring.  I know.  I know.  I was very touristy.  haha!  I wish I had someone video record me lugging it all around!

But without that experience, my voyage to Italy might have been a heavy one.  So it was a good learning experience.  Also another learning experience was to bring my own storage units for my photographs.  Neil’s laptop lacked space, my portable hdd I bought there.. I broke, and I was filling CD-Rs pretty fast.

At least now I know what I need and what I should do when I return!