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During the first half of the flight I was asleep, when I woke up I looked out my window and saw an intensely awesome sight that needed to be photographed. It was a gorgeous sky formation that I knew with some post processing it would look amazing. I saw the plane circle around Ireland and was stoked! Went through immigration with ease. The immigration officer was laughing through the entire process! Definitely got good vibes!

Then … the wait for our luggage. We had to wait an hour for our luggage to come out because AA had some sort of delay. But the good part was talking with a hit Irish chick, till this middle aged man interrupted us and started talking away with her. Grr! Cock blocked by a married middle aged man!

Anyway …

I had to use the bathroom to release the boys really bad so I got my luggage and went to the gent’s room.

That was relieving.

I called Amy Hsu’s residence since I would be staying with her family for my Dublin stay. Her son David picked up and told me I would need to take the taxi to Lucan County in Dublin. Crap. I hear taxis are a major pain! Oh well time to hit the Taxi line to get to the Hsu’s. The taxi driver was amicable, but didn’t know where Lucan County was. YOU BETTER NOT FREAKING GET LOST ON PURPOSE!! He told me Ireland had three months of constant rain fall. Three months?! Holy moly! Good thing I brought a rain poncho. (which I learned was a toursity thing to do. ha!)

In the middle of the trip, he called his buddy asking him how to get to Lucan County. What?! This feels like a drive to bank account hell!

Thirty minutes later we pulled up at Amy’s house. The cost was forty Euros. That was like $55 – $60 dollars. Ack!

Well the taxi guy left and I was at the Hsu’s. David and Lisa answered the door, Amy, the person I was in contact with was at work and wouldn’t be back till 7 pm. David and Lisa were really nice. They let me stash my stuff in David’s room and I rested up afterwards. There house was pretty small, especially by American standards or at least by my usual abodes I would visit.

David and I went out a little bit later so I could look around his neck of the woods and so he could play some basketball. The only basketball court was about 30 minutes away from their house, which was really amazing. But then Ireland doesn’t have that many basketball players, so I guess it goes in hand the limited basketball courts. He hopped he fence to shoot some hoops as I went to a small shopping centre called SuperQuinn to take some photos and buy some food to eat.

I met back up with David and went back to his house, until he realized that he left his cell phone back at the basketball court. I went back inside the house and fell asleep. When I woke up, Amy came back and I was able to greet and talk to her. Her husband, Johnny, was in Taiwan. She whipped up some dinner and then we all went to sleep.