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The journey I have been looking forward to for a very long time was here! After months of pre-planning, I am leaving for Ireland! This was my first journey alone, so I did all the planning by myself using sites like bootsnall.com.

I woke up at 6 am to make some food- my lunch and dinner for my flight. I made some hoagies, tempeh sandwiches, granola bars, apples, and banana nut bread. Since everything was already packed, all that was left for me to do was finish my cooking and getting to EWR. Ahh it always feels good to leave for a long journey!

At 9:10 am, I was set to go. And off I went to EWR. From my place to EWR, it takes about 2 hours to drive up there from the NJ turnpike.

When I got to the Newark Airport, I said bye to my parents and checked in. I have to tell you that my check in time was seriously fast! Once I got there, I checked in went through security and got to my plane terminal. It was a fifty minute wait. Can’t beat that!

As I flew with American Airline, we stopped in Chicago O’Hare for the final stop before going to Ireland. When I arrived at 1 pm, I went directly to my gate for Dublin, even though my layover was 6 hours long. Lower airfares means longer or more layovers. But that’s ok with me! As long as I would be flying to Ireland, I can take the wait! I found a courtyard along the way ad ate most of the food that I brought with me along with a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.

It was a good thing that Neil let me borrow his laptop for this, I was able to work on my grad. school personal statements while chatting with Neil, Linda, Tien, and Eric. The real crappy thing with this airport is the lack of plug outlets! Ack!

6:35 pm rolled around and I knocked off a good portion of my personal statement for my graduate school applications.

I boarded the plane and was on my merry way. 🙂