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I slept in today, which was really strange for me! So I woke up past my typical time I would wake up, waking up at 7:20 am. ha!

Breakfast today was Cocoa Puffs (haha!), hash browns, apples, and juice. After feeding myself this sugary delight, don’t worry I don’t care about gaining weight, I made myself some lunch. Today I am going to take a low profile stroll around the Northern part of Dublin, as I spent yesterday in the Southern part. Amy told me that the Northern part was more commercialized and for shopping. So I guess I get to shop!

My goofy mug!

When I arrived there it definitely was not as cool looking as the southern part, but it really reminded me of Canal Street and other shopping streets in NYC! A lot of stores, a lot of shoppers, and a lot of walking, which made for sweet photo taking!

I found this small nutrition store and I found vegetarian protein bars! Mmmm… Protein! I used to eat Myoplex bars, until I realized that those bars were really expensive, even though the ratio of protein per $ was not up there.

I walked past Hanover Quay and I didn’t realize it at the time and nor did I take any photos of it, but I walked past U2’s studio! {Which was torn down in Sept. 2007 😦 They recorded a lot of their albums there!}

Sending my first international post card!

I was wandering around the north side till about 7 pm when I returned back to Amy’s house. As I was staying at someone else’s home, I was playing by their rules. It started to rain a bit, a light rain fall as I walked to the house. Good timing, rain! I went into shower and then burn the photos to DVD. Oddly the burner wouldn’t burn onto DVDs. I had the right DVDs… uh oh. Neil had 8 gigs of hdd space left, definitely not going to be enough for me. I also had 4 gigs left on my Creative Zen M which I used as an external drive.

Tonight was meditation night. So I guess it was time to meditate. I obviously did not have meditation gear so I was sitting on the hard wood floor. Two and a half hours later, I decided that was good for me. My rear was soo dead and legs were tired from hiking around Dublin! I tried to get up but bloodless legs equals not being able to stand up! AHHH!

I finally was able to stand up, albeit with a lot of difficulty. I pretty walked with two stiff legs. I think you can imagine the walking. Too bad I also had to go to the bathroom! I plodded to the bathroom outside of the living room and used the bathroom. Lifted the toilet bowl seat in the dark and the blasted thing falls with a loud CLUNK! Oh snap! I hope no one heard that, even though the noise echoed throughout the house…

Then the strangest thing happened. I crawled back to David’s room to sleep on the bed I was given and about twenty minutes, which felt like four hours, I felt like there was this huge pressure bearing down on me while I was sleeping. Really! I couldn’t move or get out of the bed, so I kept on telling myself get up. Get up! GET UP! GET THE EFF UP! GOD DAMN IT! GET UP!! And finally I was able to get up! Oh snap! Scared I went back down stairs to meditate till 6 AM.