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I went back to bed at 6 am, thinking that whatever ghost was there should be gone. Please be gone! I can’t promise you anything, mr/ms. ghost, but I could say please be gone? A little nervous, I hopped back into bed and … it was fine! YES! But then the others woke up from their meditation and were talking loudly enough that sleep was pretty useless. I brushed my teeth, in turn, and got ready to head out to Limerick.


I am a big Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, so I have their live performance at Slane Castle, and I definitely recall when Anthony asks where the people were from near the end Flea shouts out: “LIMERICK!!”

haha! I love the Peppers! I sent my family an email letting them know how I was doing and where I am heading to next. By 11am, I was set to go and Amy dropped me off at the Dublin Heuston station.

Nearly everyone drives manual! Awesome! Amy told me that only the elderly and the disabled drove automatic, but I kinda don’t think Amy is paying attention to when she shifts gears…

She brought me to the station and I thanked her for letting me stay with her and her family, as well as for dropping me off at the train station.

The station was pretty neat and my ticket was easily purchased. I seriously wished I packed lighter. ugh!

I found my line and waited in line till I needed to use the bathroom. But I would totally lose my spot! Thankfully, one of the many reasons why I love Ireland, the gentleman and his grandson behind him said that they would hold my spot in the line! Very happy I left for the bathroom. This was my first time having to pay to use the bathroom! 30 cents to use it. Whoa.

When I returned back to the line, I gave my thanks to the grandfather and grandson for helping me out! 🙂 The lined moved faster, yeah those two pushed my gear up a bit so it wouldn’t be left behind, and we all boarded the train. I was told I would need to change trains at Limerick Junction to get to Limerick.

Then I got lost.


I needed to find the D train!

And there it was at the end of the line. Rats.

Stepping inside and finding my seat. The rain made the windows really murky and so I thought that it wasn’t optimal for photo ops. Pulling out the laptop I start drafting this journal entry. Well till my digestive system started to inform me of its necessities. I went to the bathroom to wait for its current occupant to finish. When it was my turn, I realized that I am going to be shifting a lot while I use the toilet. Uh oh.

I grabbed onto the handles as the train did its toss and turn. Oh god, let me survive this!

Finishing I wobbly made it back to my seat. Just in time! We just arrived at Limerick Junction! Departing the train, I headed towards my transfer that was leading towards Ellis, which the first stop was for Limerick. Looking inside, I was aghast to find that there was no where to stow my luggage. Ugh! Seriously! Why couldn’t I pack lighter? Then this cordial lady pointed out that I could put my luggage on the table! Sweet!

Thirty minutes later, we arrived at Limerick! When I left the train it was drizzling out and calling a taxi was out of the question. So I had to hike.. and drag my gear to Courtbrack Accommodations. According to the map it was close by. Yeah right.

Well along the way I met another traveller heading towards the hostel as well. Tim was hiking through Ireland and finishing his hike through Limerick as a high school graduation present. Nice! It turns out that our hostel is on its last years. Or was it that it was the last remaining hostel in Limerick? Either way our hostel was our destination. We hiked towards the very outskirts of Limerick to find the hostel.

My room was D16. Up a flight of steps I found my room and dropped my load off. The bathroom and shower was down the hall and … wow! my room was really small! Oh well. Good enough for me. Going back down I dropped off my key to the clerk. I left the hostel to head towards Kings Castle. At first I didn’t like Limerick that much but after I got to the other side of the city I was really amazed! But let me tell you, what a long walk it was from the hostel! When the rain stopped, the sun came out and it was really gorgeous out with the sun breaking through the clouds. When I got to the castle, it was closed. Darn it! On my MP3 player I had U2’s “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” and coincidentally I walked into a group of wild horses! WHOA! It was amazing! My finger was left on my shutter. ha!

Realizing that I spent too much time here and needing to call home and eat, I went to find a place to buy an international phone card. I called Eric to tell him about what happened today and how much fun it is out in Ireland! Then I spoke to Vincent, who was 4 at the time, about my trip. When I hung up the phone I went back into the centre city to this pizza place called Apache Pizza, home of really small pizza pies.

I asked one of the workers there if there was an electronics store nearby so I could buy an external hard drive. He suggested Dunnes. I know where I have to go tomorrow! That way I can stop deleting files off of my Zen!

Walking back to my hostel, it was barely lit out. According to Lonely Planet, Limerick could be pretty dangerous at night. I got back in time the sky turned dark. When I got to my room, I left the laptop on to recharge and transfer and to shower.

Where is the hot water!?