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The walls of this hostel is quite thin. I woke up to moans and love grunts. Seriously at 6 am? I mean wow! Either they are real early birds or they went on for…

Thankfully, yesterday, I bought cereal bars, bread, orange juice, and cheese. A pretty light breakfast, which was fine with me. I dressed up in my typical cargo khaki pants and Orange Princeton tee. Today looked like a good day to explore, well like every other day.

Time to go!

I met Tim downstairs, he was checking out and flying back home. We walked all the way to the roundabout when we parted ways.

I went towards King’s Castle, absorbing the really gorgeous day. Bright blue skies with some clouds up there, it was really a great day! I walked around the castle since it was still closed, checking out the cathedral that was near it and around getting a sense of the location. I went back to the castle to wait for it to open.

When the door finally opened, I entered and used my Princeton University ID card for a discount. hehe! I love my PU ID! With my PU ID I got my discount and free pamphlets! 😀 And toured I did! I was able to go through all the rooms and caverns underneath to scope out the castle. It looked more like a fort to be honest. I climbed to the top of the towers to get a better view of Limerick. It was fantastic! The view on top of the towers was a great sight overlooking Limerick!

I went back down to the picnic tables, to eat my apples and snacks that I brought with me. Mmmm… food! While I was taking a break I looked at my map and went to the dig site. I’d like to go down there to check it out.

On my way out, I went to the souvenir shop to check out some stuff. I bought Eric cap, a necklace, and some post cards.

When I left the castle I headed towards this lemon shop. Can’t remember the name of the shop, but I got a vegetarian sandwich which had mayo in it. Crap! I don’t like mayo! It started raining so I stayed inside for a little bit. Ahh… I am really not a fan of mayonnaise especially since it has eggs in it. Oh well. I am just going to have a lot of….

When the rain stopped, I went around to look for an external hard drive. HMV told me that I would need to go to Maplin’s, but I would need to call a taxi since Maplin’s was a good forty minute walk away. Before I left for Maplin’s I called my parents to talk to them. My mom was set to go to Vietnam. I told my mom and dad about my journey so far and wanted to know how my mom was doing with her leg and all. But it sounds like it was feeling better so going to Vietnam wouldn’t be an issue.

Happy knowing that they are doing well, I found a taxi right outside of the phone booths. Nice! The taxi driver dropped me in front of the store and I paid him 6 Euros. I was a little worried on how I would get back, but I needed to find an external first. I found one, a Seagate FreeAgent, for 96 Euros which was about $120 in USD. It was a necessary purchase, even though I mentally debated myself about it, buying it was a necessary purchase. Used my credit card and never looked back! ha!

On my way back to the city centre I asked where the University of Limerick was. I heard there was a good vegetarian place to eat there and wanted to check it out. But it was on the other side of the city and pretty far. Maybe tomorrow. I continued to walk to look for a coffee shop. Neeed coffee…

It started to rain, and then the sun came out, and then it started a huge rain storm. In that order.

It stopped raining and I left my rain cover, the trees, to get to the info place to ask where I could find knit sweaters. I would have to look for an Irish hand crafts store. My mom asked me when I called home if I could find a knit sweater for her. I’ll have to keep that in mind, but my priority is coffee. Walking in a circle, I found a Carlton Coffee shop to get a mocha.

The mocha was … alright. Since it started raining again, I pulled out my newly acquired external hard drive. My plan for tonight was to prepare for my trip to the cliffs of Moher tomorrow. I saw this promo for it and was told I could take a bus there tomorrow. I’d like to do some night shots, but I am afraid I would get mugged. My hostel is really in the outskirts of town and along the high way. Just a good thing, that my bags are torn up and beat up looking.

I started to head back to the hostel at 4. I had to go to the bathroom so bad on the way back! I didn’t use the toilet since 7 am! Oh boy!

When I finally relieved myself I went back to my room to rest up and transfer some more photos to the new portable hard drive. I can take more photos without worrying of losing space. Eighty gigs is a good size for me to use. I don’t think I will use up that much for one journey! ha!


Rested up, I left to go back out to get some food to eat for dinner. I went back to the Apache pizza for dinner. The guy who told me about Dunnes, asked me if I found my external hard drive. 🙂 I told him that I did and that I found it at Maplin’s. When I finished my pizza, I left to go to the train and bus station to inquire the times I would need to be there to go to the Cliffs of Moher. Turns out that I have to be there at about 6:30 am. Alright, just leave my hostel at 5:40 am.

When I left the station, it was still drizzling out. Taking out my umbrella, for once, I went to this park to take some photos. Going around and shooting these bright red monuments I some how lost my umbrella. I didn’t realize that I lost it till after I got off the phone with Eric and Vincent. I didn’t feel like going back to look for it, so I went back to hostel to get ready for the cliffs.


My hostel at night