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I woke up at 5:52 am to get to the station for my bus to see the Cliffs of Moher. Breakfast consisted of finishing my juice, cereal bars, and an apple, which was not the best for breakfast, but that was all that I had left to go straight to the station to get my ticket to Doolin. Whoa.. my departure time was at 9:35 am and I was here at 7:10 am. Good thing the station had food to eat! I definitely needed something more than my extra light breakfast meal! I had a croissant, jam, toast, and a hash brown. 🙂

When the bus finally arrived, I started on my new adventure! The turns were very tight, especially for a bus, which made the ride even more exciting! I wished I had rented a car so I could drive around it, which later throughout the entire adventure I really would have loved having a car. It was really a scenic trip, however, the glass panels were filthy and I could not get a good shot through the dirty windows. So I just listened to music and enjoyed the ride.

When we arrived at Ennis, at 10:20 am, we dropped off and picked up people to go to the cliffs.

When we arrived at the cliffs I had to run to the bathroom because I had to go pretty bad. Relieved, I went back to the hiking trails to check out the cliffs! It was a really awesome sight to see! They say this is the most western edge of the European continent! I spent a good two hours going up and down the trails see and photograph, what I could, of the cliffs and the crashing waves.

I stopped to eat my trail mix when I saw…

… people going past the “DO NOT ENTER – FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE” sign to check out the other areas. Yeah I felt the implicit peer pressure, meaning if they can do it, so can I! I got past the mangled fence when a ranger came up and yelled at everyone to get out of that area. Crap!

Well, I guess it was back to the trail for me. Dang it! Well better than contracting or spreading foot and mouth. When I went back down the trails I saw bikes on the side which reminded me of my older brother Dave and his travel through S. America.

I went back to the cafe to get some coffee and thought it was a wise idea to transfer the photos to the external. What I didn’t realize was that the first bus already left for Limerick and there was one more that will go back to Limerick which was at 6 pm. Uh oh.

Since I had some more time to kill, I looked around the outdoor stores and indoor souvenir shop. I did find some knit sweaters, but they were too large to fit my mom. But by then I started to get hungry, so I went back inside and bought some bread and cheese to eat along with my remaining trail mix.

I went back out to just enjoy the sights some more and then come back into buy some souvenirs and wait for the bus to come. When it did come, the ride was quite eventful, a bunch of rowdy passengers hopped on. One of them was clearly under the influence, so the bus lady informed him that he was not allowed on the bus. After a lengthy “discussion” the bus lady hesitantly told him that he had better not cause any trouble.

After the two hour bus ride, I went to eat and then back to the hostel to shower and sleep. I stepped into the shower and turned on the “hot” water and it was freezing cold! Brrrr!

Way to end the day. ha!