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Before I left for Cork, I had to go back to the Irish Hand Crafts store to buy mom a hand knit sweater and and a scarf for her or Ann. I packed all my gear to be ready so when I returned from shopping, I could just pick up, check out and be on my way. I put on my favorite Orange Princeton T shirt and headed to the store with just my camera bag this time. When I got there the store just opened, so I was in luck with time.

199 Euros for a hand knit sweater! Holy crap!! So I asked the clerk if there were any sales. hah! She showed me hand knit and hand loomed sweaters. (which were significantly cheaper! Whew!) She told me that hand knit sweaters could take 8 hours to make just one sweater! Wow! I ended up purchasing a hand loomed sweater and a scarf.

I went back into the mall to go to the sporting good store to buy a small duffel bag to store my souvenirs. Crap! Another bag! And I bought a Limerick Revolution t shirt with… Che Guevara on the front?

I went back to the hostel at 10:30 am, to grab my gear and head to the train station. I obviously could have called a cab, but that would be a ton of money. So I made the trek with all my … stuff back! Gosh! Argh! This is definitely, definitely, not how I will pack for any future travels! Never again! I promise!

When I finally arrived at the train station, I waited till the 12:45 train arrived to arrive. While I was waiting I saw this mother and her daughter who reminded me of Vincent! 😀

On the train I read three chapters of Asian Americans and couldn’t agree more with the researcher.

When we arrived at Cork, I immediately knew that I did not want to stay here my planned stay of 1 week. New lesson to be learned! Cork was a real hilly city, one of the three main cities of Ireland. And to get to my booked hostel, I had to go up a real steep incline up the hill, with all my gear in tow to find the hostel. Oh well, I checked in and left to explore Cork.

When I crossed the city I found something utterly remarkable…



But it was 2 pm, a little too early to eat. So I went on to photograph a cathedral first, which was pretty interesting. I went immediately back to that restaurant to try it out because I desperately wanted to try something more different than pizza, bread, cheese, fruits, and nuts. I bought a Caribbean casserole and a potato salad. Mmmm! It was really good.

I finished my meal and went back to my hostel to change my reservation to only three nights and to see if they could five me some contacts in Killarney for a hostel. I went to a phone and called Neptune’s Place and set a reservation and then canceled the last leg of my stay in Cork. So tomorrow I will go to Blarney Castle and the following day to hopefully go horseback riding.

Happy with the new plan, I went back to the restaurant to get some dinner. When I got there, the place was pretty packed! Sweet! That means more people enjoying vegetarian food here! I had a curry rice, Irish pizza, and carrots. It was pretty good.

On the way back this kid was pestering me if i had a permit to photograph the area. On my ignoring streak he ends his pestering with a punch to my arm. Ok. I wasn’t going to spend any time responding to his antics, for what?

Then the most darnedest thing happened. When I got back to the hostel to transfer photos, I found my USB port to the external broken off! NOOO!! Crap!! I just only bought this a couple days ago for 110 Euros and most importantly had 16 gigs of photos on it! I was freaking out. I called Eric to exasperate and he cooled me off and told me that this was part of the adventure and I should continue to enjoy my travel.

I am so glad I was able to call Eric. Sheesh this storage issue is a real pain in the ass.

At least the hard drive was still in perfect condition, it was just the reading board that the the USB port broke off that was rendered useless.

The good news was that there was hot water in the hostel shower! And freshly clean clothes!