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I will probably add more to this as the year comes closer to the end –  to 2010.  Along the way with my traveling and wedding shooting, I learned a couple things, about myself, about shooting, building a business, and goofy humor.

  • Just recently I purchased a Ducati 4 gig compact flash wanting to use it for Micol’s + Noah’s wedding, 2nd shooting for Pat :), to do some video.  So I was testing it out along with the 16-35 mk II that I rented.  When I got home while I was uploading a postcard marketing materials to be printed, I had my cup of coffee next to me.  I thought to myself that while I wait for this to upload, I will get the CF card and check out my samples.  I ejected the card about 6 inches away from my coffee, like up + left, and the bloody card shoots out and lands into my cup of coffee, submerging itself into the coffee!  The first thing I shouted was what.the.eff!?  If you follow me on facebook, you probably heard this already.  I went to drain my coffee out, since the coffee was fresh and piping hot, into the sink.  I got my CF card and put it under cold running water to wash out all the sticky sugar.  Now it is sitting on my desk drying.  I will attempt to see if I can reuse it by Monday.  Lesson?  Eject my cards very far away from any liquids.  It was really hilarious and devastatingly scary at the same time, because how often does this kind of mishap happen?  Well I am just really glad that I didn’t shoot anything real important on that card.
  • Starting with my adventure to Ireland and definitely in Italy, I have been doing more spontaneous and unplanned things.  Stepping away from my pre-planning self, it has made wedding photography, travels, and awareness much more fun and spontaneous!  I never realized that I was pretty good at thinking on my feet, well at least photographically and adventure going.  Traveling, I would just decide at the moment where to go, of course pre-planning here would be better.  But the whimsical decision is mainly for where I would want to go eat, what city I would want to see, where to go hiking.
  • Experimenting with new lenses, I have a better idea of what my lens line up will be for weddings and for traveling.  I really love shooting wide and with primes with weddings.  For traveling, I have two lenses that are must haves.
  • Business planning and building is both fun and a pain in the ass.  Learned that I need to change my packages to both suite the clients and for the growth of my business, all the while supporting my own life.  {Changes will be made shortly!}
  • I love shooting through things and looking for spiffy framing.

To be continued…