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On my last day in Cork I went to Kinsale. Originally I wanted to go horseback riding, since I never rode a horse before and I thought it would be awesome to ride one in Ireland! But fifty euros for a half an hour or an hour was a bit expensive. So the agent at the information desk suggested that I should check out Kinsale. Historically speaking, Kinsale was an important city for its strategic location. The English defeated an Irish and Spanish force, remnants of the Spanish Armada, in 1601.

I was told that Kinsale was the culinary center of Ireland. But when I asked the gentleman about would that include vegetarians, he moved onto the next person.

I boarded my bus for Kinsale hoping for vegetarian options. I arrived with the rain slowly creeping up on us. I went into this gift shop to find a map of the city and had the opportunity to chat with this really cute girl. πŸ™‚

Yes. I am the owner of this ice cream shop... in my head. 😦

Then signed up for a tour around Kinsale, since I had the time and wanted to learn about the city from a person who has lived there his entire life. Though, never know if he really came from these parts or not. But oh well! The tour guide brought us around the city, well the immediate area that was important towards his tale of the history. The mast that was now a monument once belonged to one of the ships from the Armada.

After the tour, I headed north towards Charle’s fort on the other end of the city. It was far and hilly and what made it worse was that the rain picked up and I made a rather large hole in my rain poncho. Oh what a day. I checked out the sights on the way to the fort and of the fort. It was pretty cool! I wish I had a telephoto to get the scenes from across the bay from where I was! It would have been exceptional!

By the time I checked out every nook and cranny of the fort, my poncho tore in half and it was still raining out. Crap!

I kept my camera gear under the poncho, as for myself, I didn’t care if I got too wet. When I got back into the city I went to look around for a vegetarian place to eat, if possible. But everywhere was a fishery, which is normal as Kinsale lives off of fishing.

So I went to a Spectra to buy some food before getting to the bus to go back to Cork.

When I got back, I went around Cork again to do some exploring before I would leave for Killarney. I would, of course, head back to the vegetarian restaurant for my last meal, but there were parts of Cork that I haven’t checked out yet. When the day turned into night, I left my camera back at the hostel, bad idea honestly as there were a lot of cool night things going on, to enjoy the night out.