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Like a song that Frank Sinatra sung..

I packed my bags early this morning to head to Killarney. I already got my refund back from Sheila’s hostel, so I was set to go to Killarney! Of course, me being me, I was at the bus station an hour early before the bus to Tra Lee arrived. I would have to make it back to Cork in three days before 11:30 to catch my train back to Dublin. I already had my ticket, so no point in wasting it. The bus ride to Killarney will take two hours, so I will have plenty of time on my hand to write and read.

During the bus ride, I sat next this Spanish guy who invited me to tag along with him and his friends which I said thanks I would. Too bad once we got off the bus, I could not find him. 😦

I picked up my luggage after the bus driver took everything out of the luggage compartment. I called the hostel for directions, yay tourist Ted, and got lost in the middle. I took a left instead of the right and found myself at a tourist agency instead of the hostel. Turning myself around, I finally found it around the corner. It was located in back alley in between to store fronts. Good thing I saw the signs! haha! I would have been walking around in circles for it! The girl who checked me in was quite beautiful! She showed me where I could store my luggage since my room would not be ready for a couple hours.

While they were getting the room ready, I took a little trek towards Ross castle. Which uhm… took about an hour to walk there and I had to take the long way there. What made it bad was that I had to go to the bathroom and it would be a long way till I got to the castle. Aye!

When I finally arrived, I took a tour of the castle interior. The tour was quite lame and this French couple’s kids were out of control. Running around, yelling at each other… see American families aren’t the only ones the stereotypes like to point their fingers at for being rude. It can happen to anyone! Afterwards I went back outside of the castle to explore the area and the trails. I took a turn towards Fossa way and by that point the rain cleared up and my shoes and socks were drenched.

I saw some really awesome scenery on this trek- free roaming cows and pastures, lots of open fields, people camping, and a really awesome sun set. I got to the border and thought to myself that I need to get back for dinner. When I got back to civilization, I looked around for a vegetarian option but resorted to pizza.

Tomorrow I was going to go on the tour of the Ring of Kerry, so back to the hostel to transfer photos and net surfing it was for me with a nice guinness.