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I woke up a little groggy, this morning, and a little tipsy from last night’s fun. But I was heading off to Dingle Peninsula with Chad today, which was definitely a great choice because today was another gorgeous blue sky day!

I bought my tour ticket on the spot, because there were no day in advanced reservations. Picked up my spot and off I went back into the kitchen to eat some breakfast. I saw Flavio there.

“Ted, did you really go to Princeton?” I was wearing my Princeton t shirt.

“I work there, actually. Great place!”

“Ahh ok. Just that a lot of my people would wear all these shirts from universities from the US, when they are you know.. Italian.”

He suggested to Chad and I, last night, to check out Dingle Peninsula today after we told him the Ring of Kerry was awesome and fog free! It was fun to spend time with them at the pub! Honestly last night was my first time in a pub. There is a reason for that, but I rather not divulge the reasons here.

This time, our tour bus was a shuttle bus and that was really our tour bus for good reasons. The bus driver, just got married, like a week or two ago! But here is back at work. His humor was just as bad as the tour guide from yesterday. But this guy was nice, he saw that Chad and I were big into Photography so he said while the rest were to go to lunch he could take us to this awesome vantage point while the rest were eating if we were ok with it.


So we all went on our tour and I have to tell you. Dingle was absolutely gorgeous! And it is one of the few places that still emphasizes in the traditional Irish language, Gaelic! Cool! As of the time of this writing, I am not sure if that is still true. But it was really cool to know that they still practice and use Gaelic here.

The reason why we went into a shuttle bus instead of a full bus was because the road was super tight. It was, for some odd reason, a two lane road that looped the Dingle peninsula, but it could only really fit one car. As we are in a shuttle, we pretty much took up the entire road. Quarter way into our tour there was incoming traffic. Uh oh. One of the incoming cars was a minivan. Doh! Luckily there was some room on the shoulder for the incoming cars to park on the edge with only half an inch before they would be severely mangled and scratched by the rocky wall and on the other side was a cliff towards the ocean.

We had to creep by, very slowly, to pass. Our mirrors touched, even though the other cars had their mirrors folded inwards. It took us about thirty to forty minutes to creep by their cars! It was awful! The driver was giving his blunt and honest opinions of these drivers during the whole process! Hilarious!

After we got past the impasse, we went to our second stop. We pulled over to a much wider overlook to take some photographs of the overlook of the bay. It was a great sight to see but our tour guide rushed us through since we did have a timeline to consider and a photo op too!

By 12 pm, we were at our lunch break. After everyone but Chad, the bus driver, and myself, left, we headed to get some quick food for ourselves and headed towards the top of one of the mountain passes of the Dingle Peninsula!


It was a real awesome view! I am glad that the tour guide took us up here! It was definitely a great view!

After the lunch break was over, we had to head back down to pick up the rest of the people and then finish up the tour.

When we finished up, we headed back to the hostel. And then I went back off to go around Killarney to look around till night fall.

When night was here, I went back out to the pubs to find some food to eat and a guinness.