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I woke up at 6 am to get ready to go to the Ring of Kerry. I was told of this tour last night while drinking with some travelers that I met. Honestly, I don’t know why I was awake so early, so I just ate breakfast and chatted with Lola from seidou.org, with updates. I had the continental breakfast- coffee, toast, jam, and cereal. Is this really what a continental breakfast supposed to be?

I made some new friends today! I met Elizabeth and John from Canada, Chad from Chicago, Flavio from Italy, Jason and Leslie from Boston, and two other Italian guys.

We were all pretty psyched to see the Ring of Kerry. It was so foggy yesterday, poor Flavio couldn’t see a thing! When we all left Neptunes, we saw a very small van pulling up to pick us up.

“Hey we are going to ride in this around the ring of kerry?” I asked

“Time to get cozy, Ted!” John replies


We continued to joke about our bus when the the bus transported us to a small van. With windows this time. We all glanced at each other, but then the small van dropped us off at our real tour bus. All the jokes stopped when we saw our bus. Whoa. It was like a regular tour bus in the US!

The bus driver took us all around, joking that if we weren’t back at the bus on time he would leave with or without us, pun with U2. Today was the day to check out the Ring of Kerry! Awesome blue skies all over, with dynamic clouds! Not to mention that there were two cute French girls behind me!

We first stopped at this pub, unsure why… but we all got out and checked out the area. Snapping photos away, I might add!

We all reconvened back in the bus and went towards our designated stops. The roadway was so tight that it would definitely be fun to drive the Subaru around this, but definitely not a bus! The entire time, I kept on thinking.. we are so going to get stuck with all these twists and turns!

We stopped for lunch. I ran into buy some bread, cheese, and 7-up, since the place we stopped at was meat friendly only.

Elizabeth and John


After lunch we headed towards our last two stops and then returned back to the hostel. Chad and I booked our tickets for the tour of Dingle peninsula for tomorrow. At that point we said our byes from Leslie and Jason, John and Elizabeth left before I could say bye to them. I would have loved to traded contact information with them all! šŸ˜¦

Since there was still plenty of time left before the day ends, I rented a bike and rode towards Ross Castle only to make a wrong turn and finding myself at a scenic overlook of the lake! But… I think I pulled a groin muscle! OUCH! It has seriously been a long time since I rode a bike!

I came back to the bike shop to return the bike and trudged towards dinner and coffee.