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I am sure there were other places I could explore, but I really wanted to head back to Dingle today. The visit yesterday really got me interested in coming back to Dingle. I got my gear ready and headed off to Dingle again. Too bad today was a bad day to go.

When I got to Dingle, it was pouring out. Aye. Well not so bad that I couldn’t go around. I went to the mountaineering office to see if it was in any way possible for me to go horseback riding. Well if it was affordable. ha!

It was just a real pity that the rain was really coming down today. ::sigh::

Oh well. I changed my plans from looking to go horseback riding to going back to the mountain to going to the local shops to look around. Around some shops, there were signs posted informing viewers that Dingle’s close cultural identity is in trouble. In the letter, it warns that the native tongue of Gaelic and the traditions was in trouble from the foreigners coming in and well, globalization. What was ironic was that it was written in English…

Curiously I stepped in to take a look and get out from the beating rain. While looking around, I heard the store owner talk about that note he posted on the window. I just kept on looking and decided that there was nothing else of interest for me inside.

The rain picked up its pace and I decided that was that. I ran for the next bus. Which wouldn’t come for the next forty minutes.

When I returned back to the hostel, I took a shower to rinse off and go to the pub.

When I got back to the hostel, I was at the lounge transferring photos when this Australian girl named Melanie came up to my table and started to talk to me. I guess it was pretty easy to spot me since I was at the lounge almost every night on the laptop transferring photos. While we were chatting, this guy was talking up to the Gillian, I found out her name!, about what to do when she goes traveling for three months in southern Asia with her boyfriend. When the guy left we all ended up laughing!

Then I called it a night.