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Errr?? I woke up with young girls and boys coming in and out of the room. A real shame that the kid under me kicked my bed!! Oh the swelling of anger that had risen!

What the heck? Well it is really difficult for me to go back to sleep once awoken, so since today I had to head back to Cork to head back to Dublin, I just packed my gear. I dread these moments. Well mainly the huge luggage moments! ha!

With my stuff already packed and ready, I went to eat breakfast.

Mmm.. cheap fulfilling breakfast. haha! Oh well, it was cheap and most of the other places were closed. And even if they were open, I probably wouldn’t have eaten out.

I checked out, got Gillian’s email address, and headed towards the bus station to head back to Cork. On the way back, the light that was coming through the clouds made the walk even more pleasurable! Obviously I was shooting away! It was the early morning sun! The best time to shoot! Even though I never really follow those time schedules for shooting. haha!

Well in any case, I got to the bus station to leave for Cork. What a sad day, because once I land in Cork I have to immediately get to the train station, which is half a mile away from the bus station to head back to Dublin. While I loved Dublin, I prefer Killarney a whole lot more. It has a way more home feeling and very relaxed. The atmosphere was the ideal Irish feel {subjective feeling for sure} so much that it had changed the course of where I would want to move to. Even to this day!

Within ten minutes, the bus to Cork arrived. I had to say my byes to Killarney.

When I arrived in Cork, I had to rush to the train station. My train was set to leave in fifteen minutes and it would be a incline hike towards the station. I don’t think I need to mention the reasons- LUGGAGE! haha!!

And then on the train. I looked around and saw a salary man writing notes as he was probably on his way towards a meeting in Dublin, a young adult with huge headphones on his ears that reminded me of a Luka Bloom song, and a lot of families.

I took my seat, by the window, and started to finish reading my book.

When I arrived at Dublin Heuston station, I gave Amy a call. David picked up and told me that Amy went to the airport to pick up his father who was arriving in from Taiwan. hmm.. a PT bus with my luggages, that can’t be good.

I found my bus and it felt cramp with my luggages. haha! Oh woeth me! But I got back to the Hsu’s at 5 pm and greeted the family again and Johnny. Setting my things down, Johnny and David took me out to play some golf while Amy cooked some dinner with Lisa. They tried to teach me the basics, but honestly, Tiger Woods makes it look like art, but I just wanted to hit the golf balls! haha!! But while I was hitting the golf balls, I was plotting my next couple exploits. I would hit up Slane to check out Slane castle, since RHCP and U2 played there and it looked real cool tomorrow and Howth the following day. The last day, I would go up with Amy, Johnny, and another friend of theirs to Belfast.